How to Use a Voodoo/Floss Band

Rehab to GO

2 ways to Utilize your Voodoo Band

Voodoo bands/Flossing Bands are a great tool for increasing mobility though the body and force-feeding blood into the muscles, joints and connective tissue.

I often refer to them clinically as a poor man’s “plasma rich injection” although I understand that’s a not at all how they work. But if your condition warrants the use AND when these work – you’ll absolutely be sold.

I would love to tell you “they do this….” But there is no single thing being done. There are a lot of potential things happening with this tool, they work on multiple aspects of recovery.

Voodoo seems to work best with the idea of all the connective tissue (muscles, tendons and ligaments) bound together – in essence, “glued” together.  The voodoo band is the tool to get these tissues “unstuck” and sliding and gliding again like mother nature intended.

Follow these simple steps for a quick release when you have a specific action that causes pain. (ex: throwing, pressing, gripping or squats) 

Our new protocols in the clinic setting take under two minutes and seem to work better for most conditions that our previous techniques.

  1. Wraps a huge portion of the skin in a HELIX pattern. It’s OK to have skin showing, we’re looking for long, drawn out coverage.
  2. Move. Use sports motions and /or even walking for about 100 movements.  Any movement you can imagine the body part doing throughout your day/sport. Typically 1 minute to 90 seconds.
  3. Resistance -10 slow squats for lower body/10 pushups for upper body

Try to mimic what irritates the area – if you are a golfer and your swing hurts, grab a six iron and swing with the band on. 

Hurts when you type?   You guessed it, put it on and type.

Closed pattern. No skin showing

Knees sore while running?   Step three should be a jog.

If you’re a tennis player, hit with it on.  Throw or swing with softball and cut and change positions with soccer.  Be creative!

You can wrap it tight with a CLOSED pattern

or utilize the preferred HELIX style when you need a much larger area and a huge area of skin. (spiral with skin exposed, I’ll get a pic up soon.)

Skin has more pain receptors than the muscles and often this technique helps with the pain sensation.   These are great for issues where compression helps like:  Shin splints, tendonitis, knee pain with squats and running and chronic conditions.

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