About Dr. Chad Peters and SportsDocDC

See that phone?  That’s perhaps the most powerful tool in the health care industry today.  Unlimited access to INFORMATION from anywhere.   Fast, easy and cheap – the problem is, you can find anything in there.

Ask the wrong Question get the wrong Advice.

I’m sick of crappy health advice.  I hear things daily from my clients that just blows my mind and drives me nuts.  I just stare off vacantly, Thinking, “That can’t be right?!”  or  “Who told you to do that?”

Sometimes is just a subtle difference that makes an impact on your health. Often the information you’ve been given makes complete sense, but is still wrong.  Common medical advice has evolved and but many docs, therapists, friends, coaches, well meaning loved ones and online sources just aren’t pushing the NEW as they haven’t heard of it.  Possibly, new technologies and techniques out perform the old adages.

There exists a BETTER way. For Everything.

In the inner working of my office, my colleagues and I shake our heads in disbelief and strive to get clients to change their thinking and thereby change their lives.  Learning the fixes often is just understanding the “why” of your body so long held dogma and crappy advice and one liners can finally be laid to rest.

Hence, this site

I love the progressive, the simple and the Better way to treat and have the unique combo of passions and careers that allow me to stay tuned into the modern and new.  I specialize in health and performance daily in my clinic and have a mini petri dish to experiment with new techniques and plans.

Over the years, despite staying modern and progressive,  I seem to deliver the same mini-lecture over and over again in my clinic.  The same mistakes are being made, the same poor outdated advice being followed, and the same weak outcomes. 

I lecture the same things one patient at a time, over and over again. Every Day. For Ever.   I’m getting sick of it. 

Nearly 2 decades in and seriously, 10x a day I could hit “play” on a recorded loop  – and walk away leaving a client to listen to a recording and I swear, it would be better that what they are getting in other places.    A freaking recording!   Why?  Because other than simply looking to feel better, most patients are seeking INFORMATION:

What is this?

What can I do?

How do I treat this at home?

Will I need surgery?

What do I tell my significant other when they ask me what I have?

Most of my referrals professionally are not so much for the treatments I give but more for the advice, honesty, simplicity and care.  The referrals are for my not being in a rush to run a patient out the door after they sign the credit card receipt.   In a nutshell, the lack of Bullshit.   There, I said It.  I want a non-BS health site.    No sales, no pressure, no endless streams of treatments, MORE simple rehab you can do at your house in three minutes.   I want Time-savers, advice, tricks and tips and FUN with health.   Well the time has come, so I’m going to just build it myself.

I want you to have access to what we actually think about clinically.  I want to push you , the consumer of my product, to be better informed, think more clearly and UNDERSTAND your own body.

Now, I cant just come out there and call it “non-BS health advice” now can I?   Hence “SportsDocDC”  is going to have to be it for the time being.

I hope you learn.   Cheers to your body!  Hooray for LIFE!

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