How I Gained 5 LBS in 10 hours!

I don’t know what 4.8 pounds of fishsticks looks like, but I know what a 16 oz T bone looks like and I did NOT eat nearly 5 of those!More

You Don’t Need MORE Treatments

I mean let’s get real…It used to take a semester to get thru Texas History in school. Now 2 youtube videos and a podcast can get me deeper into that topic with better visuals and deeper understanding than anything prior.More

Different Reactions (need different treatments)

Collectively, we (the docs) look at the issue, tell you what we think is going on and proceed to work on you. Often times you give us one or two chances and then bail. Also Often times you give us 16 chances and nothing gets better. Either way it was a fail. So just like my plumbing system… what’s going on?More


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