A Little about my style of Articles, Info and PODCASTs

Read, Listen or Watch – but please, Enjoy & Share

In an effort to best serve my clients, friends, people interested as well as create for myself nearly all I do is first built as a blog and then recorded as a podcast. There are also YouTube videos available and new info.being created all the time.

I want you to learn your way so I try to serve up like that. Your way.

The SportsDocDC site mainly stays in the athlete, sports med. realm. It’s what you see here.

I also have a sister site geared more toward happiness and the psychology of living. You can find that info on BeAwesome365. There may be some repeats in the early info. As a startup blog I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what my focus was. Many of the Articles I came up with were just different…Life Lessons and tricks and tips I’ve picked up along the way that made a difference. Articles such as “Your shower is the Perfect Dojo” and “The Snowball Effect of Wearing the Right Underwear.”

They are meant to be silly and yet educational. Despite the goofy titles there’s life lessons in there. These BeAwesome365 is actually what first landed me the TV spot on our local Hit TV show Coastal Living.

My YouTube channel is an ongoing work in progress as well. As my son says, “Dad, it’s weak.” -yeah, the production isn’t there yet…YET…but it’s coming and there is a lot of good info on it.

I also can be booked for speaking engagements and have literally 100’s of lectures I’ve done for all kinds of professions. I just love to share the new stuff!

This was on set on the TV version of my favorite podcast ever “Are you Healthy Enough to Survive.”
That explains the combat boots and “tacti-cool” look.