How is your relationship with food?

One of the most significant changes in the sports performance world is this quick survey that many big-time colleges and professional athletes take before any workout and competition. 

 In my opinion, this 35 seconds survey changes the entire focus of the performance. It’s truly revolutionary.

This is my suggestion for a brief survey that I think can impact your health similarly.

 How is your relationship with food?

  1.  What relationship?  I never think about it.   I eat what I want when I want. To hell with the consequences!
  2. It’s poor. I’ve been thinking about making changes over the last few years.
  3.  I have a healthy and happy relationship with food. I’ve got it under control, and I feel Comfortable.
  4.  I think about it too much; it’s starting to stress me out a little. I know I should eat better, but I often make bad decisions. I read about it a lot; I look up articles on Google. I spend a lot of time at the store looking at labels and trying to make better decisions.
  5.  It’s an enormous burden. I stress about it. Non-Stop. It keeps me up at night. At times it’s overwhelming.

It’s necessary and reasonable that we all get better about our nutrition. It’s a significant component of our life, Health, and security and, because of that, a significant component of happiness for many people.

 I have spent decades experimenting and trying different foods. I love the science. I love the foods. I love to try new things from exotic places.

 But I don’t stress it. Because of my knowledge and diving into it, I feel like I have a very comfortable, happy, and healthy relationship with food. I’m not perfect, but as I’ve mentioned a lot over my last few articles…”Perfect” is an impossible standard to which I don’t compare myself. (Link to where I make mistakes)

Here’s the problem with the above survey. It doesn’t give you any answers. By itself, it probably doesn’t even change your stress load.

 It’s just another tool to help you with awareness. I would like to see you get to answer number 3. The answer where you give a damn; it’s a part of your life but doesn’t control you.

Sometimes you may need to learn more. Sometimes you need to experiment and see what works for you. Sometimes, simply having the awareness is enough.

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