The coolest Sports Performance TikTok Video you’ll NEVER see.

Sweet. (Cartman from South Park voice)

I do a lot of work in my office on athletes. The younger athletes are the TikTok generation, they want their information in bite-size chunks. 90 seconds is the max.

I have been very leery to start on TikTok stuff, because, as you know, I just cannot dumb my stuff down to 90 seconds.  It takes a blog article or a podcast.  I love simple explanations but to make it simple, it needs an explanation.   

Yesterday I had a skilled, athletic high school baseball player who dreams about playing in college ask me what he can do to become a better athlete. 

Do I have something that I can offer him in 90 seconds or less that makes him better?

He gave it to me like a challenge. So here you go.  Challenge accepted.  I’ll give it to you. If you want the “why” see the link explaining it all.

No explanation. Just simple.  “What should I do?” Be sure to nod your head in agreement like everyone does while watching a TikTok video and then discard it and never think about it again. 

But don’t complain when you fail to get results from the work you didn’t put in.

Here’s what you can do as an athlete to get better right now.

Mobility at your big three engines. It’s what’s lacking in nearly every athlete. It’s damn near what I do for every single client that comes in my door.  Since this isn’t an actual video though, let me set the visual.

It starts with some really cool trending music and your favorite superstar athlete preferably with their shirt off.

Then I walk in and point to the sky.  A box appears that says, ”Do you want to become a better athlete in 90 seconds?”

We nod our heads in unison and then the text box says, “Do this before every workout, practice, and game.”

We then (The super famous, athlete and I) in unison would do:

“Open and close the gate” hip circles

“Spell the Alphabet” with our ankles in large smooth letters

And Cuban press for our shoulders.

The text box says “20 reps of each” as we nail it on beat and in sync for every rep.

I imagine a giant high-five and then we point to the camera as the video ends. Boom! 1 million views and maybe a dozen or so attempts.

Strength without mobility equals a decrease in power. You gotta have big strong glutes to be an athlete but if you have hips that don’t move you are sabotaging your ability to tap into that power. Mobility is the missing link for nearly every athlete I see in my clinic. I can’t stress it enough and it should be the first part of every single workout, practice, and game. 

See the article about a modern warm-up if you need more information.

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