How I Gained 5 LBS in 10 hours!

Do you like fish sticks? You do? Hey everybody, Chad Likes Fish sticks!

This is a crazy story but I’m telling you guys the truth.  This happens to millions of people every single night.  It’s not skepticism or a strange and unknown phenomenon to be ranked in the realm of Bigfoot and the Bermuda triangle.  This is real yo!


First, a quick story to set the scene. Because this is how I teach…I add a human element and typically make myself the jackass to not point a finger at you.   

The other day Soccer practice with the little guys went late.  So now it’s 7:30 pm.  My wife, aka “Mom” is gone.  She’s off to a tennis match, most likely dropping Aces on those young chickies that think they’ve got the swag.  That’s a way babe!

So now it’s daddy dinner-with me running the show of homework, food, snacks, and bedtime.  

Sounds like a night of Happy Gilmore and Breakfast for dinner huh?   I’ve got this!

But instead of the usual pancakes and sausages, the youngest one throws a curve ball at me.  

“I want fish daddy.  Let’s stop and get fish. I can cook it up, It’ll be way better than pancakes.”

And this is true, my youngest has got Way into fishing and he’s getting really good at the cooking of it as well.  The prep and clean up, that’s a different story but with visions of my wife being so proud of me not just surviving dad night but actually excelling and winning at being a dad and her coming home with a tennis victory and a “Dad Win” at the house, how could she not throw herself into an uncontrollable rage of passion?

Ugh.  Ok, but the grocery store is seriously a one-hour round trip, that won’t work, it’s just too late tonight.    This is real-time science that real-life parents hit each and every night.

But Hey, not so fast my friends. My little island has a grocery store now, that’s right!  Right on the way home from the soccer fields,  Win for me – Viva Padre Island for ‘Eva!

Late-night runs are common here, this place is stacked with food – but sadly, all they have is frozen fish.  This would take an hour of defrosting just to get the show started.  Same time problem as going to the grocery in the first place/

We decided to compromise and go with fish sticks and fries.   Seemed like a very appropriate meal for Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmore.

And here is how the title of today’s episode came to fruition.

The next morning I weighed 4.8 lbs heavier than the previous day.

 Now I’m not certain what a plate of 4.8 pounds of fish and chips looks like but I know what a 16 oz steak looks like and I did not eat nearly 5 of those!

I mean 4.8 pounds, plus Gut bloat, a low headache, and just plain irritable and miserable in the morning.   Coffee couldn’t fix my funk and even my 8-year-old complained of it the next day.

4.8 lbs!  

So what’s happening?  I know I didn’t eat 4.8 pounds of food.  How can this be?   

Guys, I gave you the story to just show the reality of the very real phenomenon of Reactive foods

This is real, it happens. I’ve written on it (link here)Reactive Foods and the tie to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION before but in a more sciency version.   If you want to dive in, I’d advise you to.   It will help you with your health, skin, weight, relationships, etc.    

Reactive Foods will jack you system!

Here’s the jist of it for you that just want the quick take.

Certain foods aren’t good for you.  Heck, many so-called health foods aren’t good for you    YOU.  Capital.

They may be good for that guy over there and are advertised as clean and healthy but you can be reactive to a lot of different foods.  

Basically, your body treats food X almost as an allergen.  Or think of it better as an invader.

Hey, what’s that guy doing here, he’s not allowed – don’t even let him in, get him out of here! Now.!

So the body does what it can. It loads the guts up with water and bloat and moves the invader along.

Let the miracle of the intestines do what God intended.

I’ve known about, and written about reactive foods for years.   I started playing with this idea back when it was an elimination plan diet…(yeah, that’s what elimination plans are supposed to be finding out, funny how they often forget to mention that huh?) and have used a lot of the new cool blood test that you mail in and results are sent to your phone.  These are the best, cuts down the grocery bill and months involved tremendously!

So I know that my primary reactive foods are oats, potatoes, sweet potatoes, pistachios, and MSG.

There are a few others I’m sure, a few I’m suspect on and constantly test.

But look at this for a second…Oats…sweet potatoes, aren’t those good for you?  Aren’t they healthy foods?    Yeah, for some they are, just not for me – In fact, they are so NOT GOOD for me they make me gain about 4-5 pounds each time I screw up and eat them or decide, as I did last night, to go ahead and have a couple crinkle fries with my kids.

Eat X – gain bloat – that simple.

Know your reactive foods and make yourself better by simply avoiding the foods your body hates.   And here’s where it gets fun…I know this was my issue, so I cleaned up my body, helped my body process the problem with some digestive enzymes and a lot of water, and within 24-48 hours was back to normal.  It was just a one-timer.    

But what happens when you don’t know?  Or deny the evidence sitting on your plate in front of you?   Or just say, “Forget you guys, I’ll do what I want!” (Cartman from South Park voice).

Well, I’ll just ask you right back…What does chronic inflammation look like and feel like?

Why can’t you lose weight?

Why are you angrier/shorter fused than you probably should be?

Why do your joints hurt?

Why do your feet look swollen?

Why does your nose run when you eat certain foods?

Because these reactive foods cause bloat/water retention and a histamine reaction.   See more on the link I told you about.  For this podcast just know this.  I had a plate of Fries and fish sticks and gained nearly 5 pounds overnight.

And that, my friends, is how we wrap up the entire story, providing both some medical insight as well as some cheap entertainment in a fun-filled 10-minute podcast/blog.   Hope you enjoyed it, please rate me, check the links for more info and tell your amigos there’s this guy out there that makes even dietary strategies easy to understand and implement.

Show notes:

The mail in reactive foods blood test I use is from EVERLYWELL.

The more in-depth podcast I wrote is called Reactive Foods as well as one on chronic inflammation and other nutritional ideas.  Reactive foods can and do affect all aspects of health because nutrition is 99% of all of our ails.

My little extra food for thought.   Sometimes it’s not weight gain, sometimes it’s skin reactions similar and often diagnosed as eczema, especially around the lower legs, hands, and wrists.  (maybe it’s not poor circulation or a rash.)  – this reactive food idea is seriously one of the best strategies for anyone looking to battle chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid issues, lupus, and fibromyalgia as well as bowel and gut inflammatory conditions like IBD, Crones, and Colitis and it should make sense.  These are chronic inflammation issues.   Chronic inflammation.   The foods you eat cause inflammation…and you eat them chronically. And they irritate and overwork your guts.    It’s not just a coincidence guys.  This stuff is real.  It will be THE medical diagnosis of the next decade.    

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