Are your Doctors, Therapists and Trainers Failing You?

“My doctor is terrible.”

“My therapist didn’t work.”

“My chiropractor popped me for three months, but it didn’t help. “

These are all very common complaint that we hear in our Clinic.

In fact, I hear this nearly on a day-to-day basis.

The client (perhaps you), has tried seemingly every treatment option and protocol available and still feels terrible.

It could be diet plans that have failed, workout systems that just haven’t cut the fat, or perhaps low back pain that just seems to come up three to four times a year despite all types of interventions.  

I’ve seen this with seemingly healthy people, but most often in patients with a  health history that consist of a binder where, ”please list all medications you are taking” is a handout sheet that has been copied because there are way too many to remember.

Rather than me ranting on in a never-ending Looping debate about problems with the healthcare industry, with incompetence, lack of drive and willpower, the evil empire that is the food industry or an “us versus them” attitude – let me take a different perspective. I want to give you an outsider’s look.


Aside from healthy living and lifestyle, I spend a lot of time researching and diving into personal safety. Everything from classes on survival to how to shoot a gun better to how to teach my own kids personal safety at their schools- it’s a topic I really enjoy, life skill, and a hobby.

No matter what opinions are being taught, and believe me, there are as many opinions in the safety/tactical/security world, as there are in the medical/health/fitness world, there is one overlying rule that every single instructor states before any learning.

“Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

When asked what led Andy Murphy, of the popular “THE SECURE DAD” podcast into a life of thinking, writing and discussing personal security, he answered it like this…

He says, “After Columbine it became evident, even for me as a high school kid, that Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

He has parlayed this lifestyle into a fantastic website, top podcast, social media, and amazon top-seller.  Andy’s actually given me a lot of perspective about a lot of topics not related to his intended objective.

So for him, me, and other like-minded people, this entails you having “situational awareness” at all times. It’s a key idea when walking through the parking lot at Walmart, being a certain length behind the car in front of you at a stoplight, and having flashlights in Prime positions around your house should you encounter The Boogeyman.

The fact that personal security is your own responsibility empowers YOU to act on your behalf.   

Of course, we still have policemen, firefighters, military super ninjas, video cameras, and weapons as well as routinely getting our brakes checked and putting new batteries in our fire alarms. Even with an arsenal of people, ideas, and technology to help us, when security becomes an issue it happens too fast to rely on someone or something else to help us.  It’s up to you!

Really “getting it” – Understanding that The most powerful tip in the security world is to avoid the dangerous situation in the first place. That’s an entirely different angle than “knowing how to fight and survive.” This idea, this awareness is a game changer. It’s a different mindset. proactive, responsible, life saving!

Become aware.  

So how does that relate to your health?

Because Healthcare has to be like this. Exactly like this. You and only you are responsible for your body and your health.

You can use outside sources such as your doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, dietitians, celebrity weight loss sources… the list goes on and on.

You can use these pros for ideas and opinions, for help.   They have the triple T –  great tips, tricks, and tools. 

But until you decide it is time to fix your body nothing is going to happen.

If what I take 45 minutes to fix in my clinic, as your therapist, you take the next 10 hours undoing, it’s a net loss and an eventual breakdown and fail.

Your doctors aren’t failing you. Your trainers aren’t failing you. You are failing yourself.

It may not be your fault, you may have been led down the wrong path, to begin with. You may have a huge emotional component tied up in your health that needs to be dealt with first. 

There is a list as long as the internet and a never-ending self-help category on Amazon into the “why.”   But, understanding, the awareness that the “why” is what you control.  That’s the Turning point.

What I’m telling you is that you need to make your health your responsibility. There is no magic diet, magic pill,  workout program, or secret Voodoo Chiropractic Shaman adjustment that is going to radically change your path.   It makes for entertaining TikTok, but it’s no fix.

Use the experts in the health field for their opinions and their ideas. They have shortcuts and the triple T. But ultimately, the realization that your body and your health are your responsibility will be the most important step you ever take towards feeling GREAT again.

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