Commencement Speech To the New Era Graduating Classes!

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Although I wrote this one for the class of 2020. I think it applies to all of you from that year as well as all the modern era classes. I definitely BELIEVE every word here and teach my own kids this way. I believe in you guys and I’m excited to continue to grow up sharing and evolving our world together!

Growing up I watched my dad give graduation speeches..pretty much every other year. He is a very popular teacher and fantastic speaker.  I always thought doing a graduation speech would be pretty cool. So I decided I’m going to do one of my own. 

Here it is… Well, first, Here’s what it is not:

Ohh the poor Seniors . It’s just not fair!    Robbed of their senior year. Robbed of graduation and the parties and the prom.  Poor poor 2020!

Look y’all. I know this isn’t the norm. But you guys aren’t the norm. You’re 2020. Whether high school, trade school, military or college.  The start of a new decade. The FUTURE. I know none of you would have picked THIS-but in all fairness none of you would have wanted THE NORM either.

This isn’t the article telling you how a virus and world wide quarantine is a good thing. I’ll not be that…fake.  It’s NOT a good thing.

This commencement will however, point out why your last few months of your senior year bonds you together with millions of other young adults -forever. It will point out why change, no…extreme makeover, is your specialty.

This commencement covers why your graduating Class has the chops to take on the modern era of business, the modern era of worldwide production and if you are a senior, right now – the new modern version of college/trade/work.

It will also explain why I believe your generation, specifically your graduating class, will be the best at this the world has ever seen.

Bonded like no other

First of all, just as a class, you guys have a shared experience unlike anything we have ever seen before. 2021 and Future graduating classes will of course be special in their own way however no one will have gone through this quite the same way you have. If the virus or another like it was to hit next year- you’d still be the first. It’s all you. You’re class will be remembered through history.  

Even if it’s 20 years from now and you are sitting for an interview and the person across the desk asks you what year you graduated- when you say,  “2020,” it will mean something.  With exponentially more meaning if the person interviewing you also graduated from 2020, because despite blog articles, Podcasts and CNN documentaries discussed by adults a generation or two removed from you, nobody knows exactly what it feels like unless they went through it the exact same way at the exact same time of their lives.

As you all know, significantly more than previous generations -the world is smaller. The connections that you have to the graduating class of 2020 from different states and foreign countries is much more prevalent than it was just a few short years ago. Your social media friends are not simply the people you see in the hallway between classes.   Many of them you’ve never met in person and most likely will never.   That’s normal for you.  That’s not how my social media is and it’s certainly not how my parents accounts are.  

Sharing THIS Corona/Covid “thing”…only strengthens that bond.

The social values aspect

Again, I do not want to try to point out how a worldwide pandemic is a good thing.  However, I do think your graduating class just got a shotgun approach to social values.

For example, one of the most important aspects of my life, probably the biggest reason I took the career choices I did, was because it allowed me time to travel – which is/was my biggest social value. And that social value changed almost overnight,.  There’s not a lot of family travel happening now and my trips I did have booked are worthless and cancelled.

I’m in front of high school and college seniors a lot. I have four kids of my own and I have never forgot what it felt like to be myself at different ages. I remember what was important to me, even if those values have changed through the years. It bothers me when I hear parents (who are my age) say to their kids that high school, prom, graduation, dates, the dorm life, college sports etc aren’t important!  They are!  

I went through the stage where I wanted to have a Ferrari and a mansion on the ocean and what really drove me and motivated me more than anything else in life was money.

Money, it seemed,  would get me anything and everything I wanted. IT was important and MY #1 social value of those days.

Indeed many of you may also feel that way and let me tell you that’s not wrong. But I do feel for most people in life there will come a time where other life modalities, things other than money make up your primary value.

Money won’t get you everything you want and often CAN’T get you what you want. I have a wall hanging at home that says “ Often the greatest things in life aren’t actually things at all.”  

In my case it is travel and family travel time specifically – I just can’t ever seem to get enough of exploring the world with my crew.

So maybe as a senior, your highest level social values are being near your friends, or living in a certain area of the world or being able to hit up all the hot clubs, that metro vibe. Maybe, like a lot of us on the planet, you saw your values do a complete cart wheel over the last two months and now realize that something that you thought was of the utmost importance in your life no longer makes your top 10 list. 

Conversely, maybe there are things that you thought were relatively important that you now feel play a larger role in your life – maybe the largest!   

I’m not going to tell you what values matter the most, thats for you to figure out and adapt with.  What I want to tell you, is going through an experience like this and shuffling and reshuffling what is important and what holds value in your life is an amazing experience that many adults my age never get a chance to do.   Many never even realize it is a possibility.  

I hope you’ve taken some moments in your life over the last couple months to really think about this aspect and to help get a more clear direction of where you want to go in your life and what you want to hold as TRULY IMPORTANT.    

I want to be one of the first to tell you- You do not need to know where you are going to end up in life and what you are going to do for the rest of your life at this point. 

The Life Compass

During my lectures I often tell my seniors to imagine themselves standing in the middle of a giant “Life Compass” as in “NASCAR track sized giant Life compass.”  The directions headings are your lifetime goals, achievements, you career, family, …bascially your life and they are way out far from you on the horizon. In fact you may not even be able to see the end in sight.  

For most of you it will not be a straight direct path to the end anyway, so you can’t see it.  There is no clear direction from the middle, it’s just horizon in a full 360 panorama.  Your path is unclear, there is no yellow brick road to point your way and no guide telling you where to go or even what adventures you’ll encounter along the way. But don’t make it overwhelming. I have a the cheat code for you, I have a hack that will help.

 YOUR PATH will be wavy and there could be direction changes and it certainly will have different angles as life experiences change your directions from time to time. That’s oK –  As you start to move Along this “life compass,” virtually no-one has a direct line. There is no “right path” – But it sure is nice to at least feel like you’re taking a step in the right direction.   

By knowing your inner values and what makes you happy. To think about a career path, lifestyle, family, entertainment….VALUES in a general idea rather than specifics…it helps. It gives you that first step in the right direction.   

When I lecture to seniors, I am bascially asked, “Tell everyone in the class about being a chiropractor.”  I rarely do. That’s a straight path that just has too many hurdles and problems. What I present is, “Here’s 150 jobs in the healthcare field. 138 of them you’ve probably never even thought about or even heard of.”     

That’s direction.   

The reason this direction rather than path is so important for the class of 2020 is because much of what you’ll encounter out there in the following decade isn’t even invented yet!  You are a part of the innovation and adaptation needed to make these new careers, paths and changes. Understanding your path is windy and that there is NO penalty for changing direction is a huge advantage over the people that cannot adapt to change.

…and you guys obviously handle change VERY well!

How to Handle Adversity

How do you handle adversity and challenge?    These are typical interview questions you’ll get while applying for any job. I don’t care if it’s for the largest Wall Street money management corporations or flipping burgers and washing windows. It’s typical.  

But how about these questions in today’s world? With Your new experiences? 

How about these questions with this little caveat…how Do you handle adversity/challenges/ getting to do whatever you want whenever you want/ making life work despite social distancing and oh yeah during a worldwide pandemic and planetary economic collapse??   

Do you know who has been asked these questions in an interview situation??   

Nobody. Ever.   

Like I’ve said already- You guys are the first graduating class with this particular experience. It’s not some new, crazy, life altering experience for you, it’s just the reality of your senior year. 

Uncomfortable at times? Yes.

Challenging? No doubt.

But I keep hearing my clients say, “I just can’t wait until it all goes back to normal.” 

I notice,

I don’t hear you guys saying this.  

You guys are just adapting. You know that this changes stuff.  Real changes and although it won’t be like this forever, the old normal is gone. it’s not a bunch of kids waiting around for normal to return, you just go. You’ve “got this.”   

You took the punch on the chin and got back up and went to work. And because of your skill set and your experience with modern technology and just having a handle and realistic grasp of a modern and cutting edge world -you didn’t just handle it. You own it.   This IS your generations burden. Your challenge. 

And let me fill you in on something possibly more important. For a HUGE number of the people on planet EARTH for the past two and three generations, you are the first to take on a generational challenge like this. You are the first to have experience with anything this big.

That’s powerful. The people out there hiring you want experience and you’ve got something that a ton of us never got.    

I want to reemphasize, I don’t think this is by itself a good thing- I would never wish something like this on anyone. What I’m saying though, Is experiences are powerful. You learn from them. You adapt because of them. You innovate and invent and modify and learn from them. Your class gets to do it first and that is something.

You, the class of 2020, have been tasked with being self reliable for completion, competition, relationships, responsibility and self productivity more than any graduating class prior to World War II.   

That counts.

Accelerated Learning

I first heard the term accelerated learning when I was telling, ok let’s get real here, when I was yelling at my oldest son to, “get off YouTube already.”

“Get off YouTube?”  he said.  “Dad, I’m not screwing around Over here-  I’m doing accelerated learning.”

In this case, he was learning from Ninja, who was teaching him how to smoke everyone on FORTNITE. 

He was learning how to dominate that game at a significantly faster level than what I was doing by playing it over and over trial and error style. There is no “trial and error time” for you guys. You don’t have time to waste on that.

You guys have grown up in an era of Unprecedented Information. I’m not dead, I’m right here, I can use YouTube, Google and social media to learn things as well. But not even close the way you guys can. In fact for most of the people older than you, trying to complete 2 to 3 tasks at the same time is damn near impossible.

Your generation can listen to music, read a book, watch a YouTube video explaining how to do something in depth at a much faster rate than I learned in school, while texting your friends (multiple friends) and playing a game.  You most likely are teaching your grandma how to FaceTime all while navigating 15 open windows on your computer at the same time.   

I like to think I’m pretty smart. But I can’t handle and process what you guys can. I love the term accelerated learning.   

When your parents ask you to “fix their phone.” that means something. That’s VALUABLE!

A ton of the world has been forced into getting very good at this stuff over the last couple months. We have to do homeschooling and teach our kids on multiple different software platforms. I mean even my dad and mom have gotten very good at running their iPhones out of necessity.   Overnight, the entire world, the majority of businesses as well as universities went online. Because they absolutely had to.

The planet got thrust into accelerated learning. Just check even basic stats for things like YouTube and Zoom and it shows this.

Your generation has already been doing this for years. It’s nothing new. it’s what you were born into!   Your generation ruled accelerated learning but now… you guys don’t rule this, you dominate this.

Many of you even taught your teachers how to evolve the last few months.

The rest of you just rolled your eyes for the first few weeks while the teachers and parents tried to catch up. We’re like infants to your technical powers!

Your class, the class of 2020, has an incredible NEED that has to be filled on a planetary level that you have been tailored and groomed for since your birth.

You are the future leaders, decision-makers, workers, tradesmen, business owners, associates, teachers. The forward thinking, future based, inventing,  decision making generation.

It’s time for you to take your passion, your wishes, your experiences and your knowledge together blended with the super ability to process change, adapt and overcome – to the world.    

Sorry guys.  My friend Troy said it best, “Nobody ever told me life was going to be fair. I’m looking forward to the challenge.” 

So I get it…I know your graduation isn’t gowns and throwing square hats- but that’s not really what it’s all about.   

I think you guys already know what it’s all about and the rest of us are just waiting to find out.   

-Cheers to the Future, You’ve got this!  

Are your Doctors, Therapists and Trainers Failing You?

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This is actually a very common complaint that we hear in our Clinic.

In fact, I hear this nearly on a day-to-day basis.

The client, perhaps this is you, has tried seemingly every treatment option and protocol available and still feels terrible.

It could be diet plans that have failed, workout systems that just haven’t cut  the fat, or perhaps low back pain that just seems to come up three to four times a year despite all types of interventions.  

I’ve seen this with seemingly healthy people, but most often patients with a  health history that consists of a binder where, ”please list all medications you are taking” is a handout sheet that has been copied because there are way too many to remember.

Rather than me ranting on in a never ending Looping debate about problems with the healthcare industry, with incompetence, with lack of drive and willpower, or with the evil empire that is the food industry or the us versus them attitude – let me take a different perspective. I want to give you an outsider’s look.


Aside from healthy living and lifestyle, I spend a lot of time researching and diving into personal safety. Everything from classes on survival to how to shoot a gun better to how to teach my own kids personal safety at their schools- it’s just a topic I really enjoy.

No matter what opinions are being taught, and believe me there are as many opinions in the safety/tactical/security world, as there are in the medical/health/fitness world, there is one overlying rule that every single instructor states prior to any learning.

“Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

When asked what led Andy Murphy of the popular “THE SECURE DAD” podcast into a life of thinking, writing and discussing personal security, he answered it like that.

He says, “After Columbine it became evident, even for me as a high school kid that Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

He has parlayed this lifestyle into a fantastic website, top podcast, social media and amazon top-seller.  Andy’s actually given me a lot of perspective about a lot of topics not related to his intended objective.

So for him and me and other like-minded people, It doesn’t matter if this entails you having “ situational awareness” while walking through the parking lot at Walmart, being a certain length behind the car in front of you at a stoplight, to having flashlights in Prime positions around your house should you encounter The Boogeyman.

The fact that personal security is your own responsibility empowers YOU to act on your behalf.   

Of course we still have policemen, firefighters, military super ninjas, video cameras and weapons as well as routinely get our brakes checked in our car and put new batteries in our fire alarms. Even with an arsenal of people and ideas and technology to help us, when security becomes an issue it happens too fast to rely on someone or something else to help us.  It’s up to you!

Maybe the first and most powerful tip in the security world is to avoid the things that get us into a dangerous situation in the first place.

Become aware.  

So how does that relate to your health?

Because Healthcare has to be like this. Exactly like this. You and only you are responsible for your body and your health.

You can use outside sources such as your doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, dietitians, celebrity weight loss sources… the list goes on and on.

You can use these pros for ideas and opinions, for help.   They have the triple T –  great tips, tricks and tools. 

But until you decide it is time to fix your body nothing is going to happen.

If what I take 45 minutes to fix in my clinic, you take the next 10 hours undoing, its a net loss and an eventual breakdown and fail.

Your doctors aren’t failing you. Your trainers aren’t failing you. You are failing yourself.

It may not be your fault, you may have been led down the wrong path to begin with. You may have a huge emotional component tied up into your health that needs to be dealt with first. 

There is a list as long as the internet and a never ending self-help category on Amazon into the “why.”   The why is what you control.  And that is the fix.  That’s the turning point.

What I’m telling you is that you need to make your health your responsibility. There is no magic diet, magic pill,  workout program, or secret Voodoo Chiropractic Shaman adjustment that is going to radically change your path.   

Use the experts in the health field for their opinions and their ideas. They have shortcuts and the triple T. But ultimately, the realization that your body and your health are your responsibility will be the most important step you ever take towards feeling GREAT again.

“More” vs “Some”

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My wife and I were at the end stage of a 4600 mile road trip.  The passengers were us and 4 kids stuffed into a suburban and touring the OLD west. Cowboy gun fights, rock climbing, staying in yurts…you name it, we did it. We crushed this vacation.

We decided a great finale to the trip would be to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for a night.   Great Wolf Lodge is an amazing indoor water park, arcade, magic quest, kid’s paradise -money making machine.

There is so much to do it’s mind boggling and often stressful for all involved just trying to maximize the experience.

You guys know me by this part of the game – I want to maximize. In an effort to do so I think many times I miss the point that maximization is often not equal to more. I think there is a peak point of optimization and then anything beyond that shows diminishing returns.

This idea really seemed to prove itself on this trip… often times I don’t need more to be happy I just need some.

Case in point, The Great Wolf Lodge.

After a few hours of water slides, pizza, Dr. Peppers, running around, and craziness, my oldest asked if he and the other kids could just go up to the room and chill a little.  “Dad, we’ve done it…Another hour of doing it more isn’t going to make me feel better, I just want to relax a little.”

Now I’ve been and will probably always fight being one of these guys…”Whaaaat?  There’s still 2 and a half hours left?”

I could easily see myself talking my kids into staying another hour, squeezing the last drop of joy out of the water slide and taking my cost per slide rate from $15 to $8 giving me a financial “thumbs up” in the process as well.

But it wouldn’t have made anyone happier. It would have been forced and played out. In fact, it would have been conversely unhappier and less fun.

Remember, as a kid, how much fun it was to have a hotel room with no parents in it? Now that’s fun man.

So I let them go.

My wife and I decided to stay down and have a Mojito and watch the end of a World Cup soccer match.  Also fun. We talked. Not having to scream over our kids…OK, we had to scream over 100’s of other people’s kids still water-parking, but you get the point.

The next day I was talking to her about our vacation and expenses and usually family stuff and she said, “I think a lot of why we were so relaxed last night and today was just the 15 minutes we had.  It didn’t need to be a 3 week vacation by ourselves or a long drawn out 4 hour dinner…it was nice to just have a drink and watch a game with you. Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes.”

And as she does with her uncanny ability to summarize she states, “You don’t need more,  you just need some.”

The exact same idea and application as my son.  Some beats more.

Since, I have looked for this and saw a lot of application all over my life.  Look for this in your life – I’ll bet it’s the same amount of joy and pleasure (or more) …with some.

I once heard of the 3 X rule – a similar principal.  It’s used mostly for dietary things but seems to have a lot of spillover for mentality and mindfulness.

The 3 X rule is practical with pizza and beer as my primary analogy.

With Pizza and Beer, the first one is great. It hits the spot oh so perfectly. The second one is OK and, by the time you get to the third, it’s just so-so.  Any more just gets miserable and is often filled with regret later.

Guys, I could literally come up with a million scenarios to back this point, but why do more?

Nutrition Basics

get the basics - it's ok if you dont know this already..
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formerly titled…Nutrition _a_ics

Nutrition without the BS….

While talking to my father yesterday on the phone, we started discussing modern diets and how he was going to attack the next few months as he is looking for a change.

He is looking at getting into some of the new stuff, specifically keto and zero sugar hoping for a fat utilization reboot.

The more questions he asked the more I realized I wasn’t getting through.  At one point he stopped me and said, “you are assuming I know which and how much of any given food is made up of carbs, protein and /or fat…and I don’t.”

“But dad”, I stated, “you taught me all of this.”

“No I didn’t.” he said, “I planted the seed of your nutrition interest by teaching you how to use diet to lose weight, taper before wrestling matches and increase muscle…I don’t know details and specifics…”

Bang!   Just like that another great life lesson at the hands of a great master.

Assume makes an ASS of U and ME.

I’ve been writing all of this stuff over the last 2 years.   I’ve tried to get a lot of nutrition stuff to you lately and at least a part of it, is in hieroglyphics.

So here you go – the incredibly abridged crash course of nutrition.  In the old days we’d say the lesson with all the fat cut out but guys…fats are good nowadays, not bad.  Keep the fat baby!

Prior to my diatribe into nutrition, I think its only fair to give you a brief course syllabus.

Most of what we were all taught isn’t exactly correct any more – it seems 100 years of research has shined some light onto dogma that has been relayed as facts. So try to keep an open mind as I relate the “new rules.”

There is by no means a “definitive” Rule of Nutrition. Every one is going to have things that work and things that don’t – everyone responds to food differently.  What I am offering is a way to grasp basics so you can better experiment.

There is no super foods, wonder drugs and/or good and bad foods. Certain foods react different to different people so use your head. packaging labels, advertisements, books, magazine articles are all written with an objective in mind. Typically $.   Labels telling you “how healthy stuff is” are put on food packaging by market research and evil spectacled, goatee twisting, red BMW convertible driving frat dudes you hated in college. Form your own opinions.

This is going to start simple.. and then just like sophomore year pre-calculus, just when you think you’ve got it -I’m going to throw in a slew of parabolas and mix all of it up.   (“2 types of carbs…puh”)

These are the basics, so concepts like reactive foods and lectins and ideas about what makes foods good or bad are not going to be used.  That’s deep, next level stuff that you can find on my links.

This is why everyone in kinesiology and pre-med, at one time in their studies,  decide they are going to major in Nutrition.  Because it’s a ton of impressive sounding words that is a blast to dive into and has set rules like math – you can figure it out in the classroom and it’s just grand..until you put in into real life and it all goes to hell.   Nutrition is chock full of “yeah buts.” As in last night when my dad asks, “A potato is a vegetable right?” uhhhh sort of. ”yeah…..but.” Peanuts are good right? ugh.

Basics – there is three general categories of food.

All food, breaks down into these 3 categories.   Lately, they are called “Macros” as in macro nutrients, a term you’ll come to just HATE if you’ve even been cornered by a friendly cross fitter, bodybuilder and new to paleo/primal diet experimenter.   These guys are obsessed with discussing each specific gram of Marcos they ingest each meal and ratios and blah blah blah – the macros…

The 3 Macros are:

Carbs   (Carbohydrates)



Your foods are made up of these – in different ratios.  They provide the calories the body burns to live, run, work, think etc.   Carbs, proteins and Fats are the ENERGY sources for the body.

It’s important to understand the differences in these because they all act differently when adjusted in your diet.   They all do different stuff when eaten.

So where are these then?

Carbs are anything bready, sugary, starchy, and grainy.   Pasta, cereal, bread, rice, oats, cookies, syrups, potatoes, rice.

They also are the primary energy in fruits and vegetables – apples, oranges, papaya, asparagus and lettuce.

Carbs as a term, is often interchanged with sugars when speaking about diet. This is because when you eat carbs, the saliva in your spit and the acids in your stomach  break down these carbs into sugars – Carb molecules are big and big molecules can’t get past the gut lining so they break down into little components:  sugars and pass into the blood.

Your body can then use these sugars to top off levels in the muscles and store a little bit more for later.

Your body makes insulin to allow this transportation and storage.   Think of Diabetics here – this is why they need to stay away from a lot of carbs and away from sugars – they don’t make insulin so there is no way to haul it away and sugary blood is “No Bueno.”

Carbs are neither good nor bad – they’re needed.  BUT…not nearly as much as previously taught in the 1990’s and prior,  with “carb loading” and giant spaghetti dinners before competition.

In fact, hang with me here, because the body is a miraculous machine:  If you have too many floating carbs, the muscles cant take it all in, so it starts dumping it off on the liver.  The liver fills up quickly and says, “screw this – there’s way too much sugar floating around. Turn the extra into fat and store it for the days when we’re starving  (as in body fat, love handles, fat ass, flabby triceps) – we can use it then.”

Seems our ancestors didn’t have 70,000 square foot grocery stores down the street and occasionally had to go hungry at times.  Hence fat storage which is simply saving energy for a later date. (psst. Guys…you don’t need to do this anymore)

OK that’s deep enough for this article – the main point is start to “get” what foods have carbs in them.

There will be a Quiz later!


Think Meats primarily – muscle baby.  Actually, the muscle from other animals.   Now before Vegans start throwing bean burritos and tofu burgers at me – yes, there is protein in some plants, I get it.  I teach it, but this is Nutrition basics, 101.. and I want a basic understanding here. There is also some protein in milk etc.   But for the most part animal products.

Proteins can also be used for fuel and similar to how the carb craze of the 1980’s and 1990’s kicked in, the protein craze of the 2000’s and 20 teens exploded for basically the same reason the carb kick decades earlier did.  There’s a lot of protein in muscle – so the scientists…wait, that’s not fair. The journalist’s reporting what the scientists found, said – “eat a ton more protein, it’ll go to the muscles!”

Well….kind of.

Hopefully its pretty easy to imagine protein as muscle because that’s what muscle is made up of.

Your steak, your burger, eggs, fish, tofu (the protein from soy), chicken and sausage is high protein.

Just like sugars, proteins shouldn’t get into the blood – if your gut is working perfectly, they will break down into small parts called amino acids. The AA’s are what get’s into the blood and travel via the highway system of the body to organs, muscles and skin and repair damage.

Caveat: too many proteins can also end up being stored as body fat. You better truly need that 75g protein blast shake after your 12 minute “workout” there champ!


Fats are the trickiest to explain. Back in the WWII era it was easy – fat was fat – the fat on the steak was fat – the meat was protein with a fine marbling of fat.

Milk was milk and 2% had 2% of the natural milk-fat still present.  Whole had the whole amount of fat (about 4-5%) and skim milk was basically milk without the fat – the fat was skimmed off because anyone from the 1930’s with a butter churn worth a damn would tell you that when you let milk set for a while, the fat rises to the top (as crème)  – you can then skim it off – a la butter. Or crème. The fat part.

Wow! Chad that’s not too hard.   Well, the mad scientists in the food industry can basically do magic with fats and carbs and turn it into anything.  Think “double stuff.”

Both the cookie part and the cremey goo – Fats started getting a really bad rap in the late 70’s and 80’s because all the chemical shit that was coming out of the mad scientist’s labs was making people sick and cancerous and actually physically fat.   But it can’t be the scientists – PhD’s are doctors and doctors are our friends – it must be the fat. Yep too much fat!…

Scientist 1: (Bob)

“Fat might be bad Earl”

Scientist 2 (Earl)

“OK, then Let’s substitute fat in food for transG-glutimate-1K-3G-polymersaccharidelactorglutimthionecarbonate. “

and….  “Damn Earl, that tastes like shit.”

2: “OK.   add 32 Grams of sugar, how is it now?”

1:  “Well it’s doable…actually the 5th time I tried it I kind of crave it”

2:   “Well…Hell, technically we can call it fat free now – wonder if the guys at marketing can sell it?”

1:   “Phew that was close. Despite millions of years of getting by, we avoided a fat-pocolypse”

2:   “Good, work Earl, want a Diet Coke?”

They were lab chemicals  – an amazingly incredible blend of carbs, fats and carbon chains replaced in ways nature never intended.   These blends resulted in some of the most crazy, technologically advanced products in the world – some of which were deemed ok to eat and further altered to make them tasty over repeated exposure.   Cheese puff dust on pringles as an example.

Well, science food blending has all grown up.    Cheesy chemicals are now just called cheese.   It’s not actual cheese. Cheese doesn’t do what Valveeta does, but its called cheese just the same.

For this article – don’t think of chemicals as fats here – its just soooo deep it’ll melt your mind and I just am not great at explaining organic chem. easily.

Let’s get modern.  No strike that… let’s go ancient! and think of fats as God intended. Fats come either as a semi solid or liquid at normal temperatures so think of things cremey and slippery. Butter, Oils (avocado oil, olive oil etc), Avacado itself is a high fat veg/fruit.   Nuts are high in fat. The fat part of meat – such as bacon – ½ fat, ½ protein and now we’re dancing everyone:

Time for a quiz.

Dissect a Whopper for me.

The bun is carbs, the meat is protein and a little fat, the sauce is chemical crap, the tomato, lettuce and onion is carbs, the ketchup is chemical crap that your brain will so desperately try to convince you is tomato, the cheese is basically fat.

Review… and this is where is gets sooo difficult because at the “billion served forces” like fast food joints, food just isn’t what it appears. The buns are modified, so is the sauce, the meat was until a few years ago and I still have a hard time thinking there’s not something more added to it to give it a unique taste and make it last longer via shipping routes, shelf life etc. Cheese, we talked about already and…you know what? – I have an easier way.

Grab whatever food you want and just look at the ingredient list.  Go ahead.

I mean if I bake bread its flour (carbs), small amount of sugar, (carbs), water, salt and yeast.  It’s basically all carbs.

Now go to the pantry and look at the ingredient list on bread for me.  I’ll wait here for a minute.

Holey, schemoley Batman…what’s all of that? Exactly. That’s why we’re all confused.   The bread in the package has about 37 ingredients!

Yet education on all of this nutrition stuff is at the 1900’s level. AND that’s just not how food is made anymore.

That’s why the revolution in caveman type eating and diet plans called Paleo, Primitive, Caveman, Carnivore and hunting/foraging is here to stay.   Kill it or pick it and you can probably eat it right with not too many problems.

Wait? Your food doesn’t have an ingredient list?   Well then, it’s probably real food!

OK hang with me here as we get to the diet revolution.

Let’s just say that you’re a, I don’t know, 20 to 70 year old man and decades of eating crap and confusing diets have left you in sub-par health.

If you decide to try keto, let’s say in an effort to reset insulin resistance (huge killer in our country), that means basically no carbs.   You need a reset…There is a reason for you. As I said earlier, carbs are neither good nor bad but there are people that a low carb diet would greatly benefit – such as diabetics and people trying to starve off cancer cells and people looking to reset a chronically inflamed body.  These guys are going for keto –

The body is a miracle see..  you can still make fuels for your muscles and brain from fats – so in keto you sub in good fats as a replacement for carbs.

Good fats are non scientist altered – coconut, avocado, olives, nuts, and oils – and for God’s sake be careful because there a million poser’s out there- Margarine is not butter.   Coconut and olive oil comes as “virgin” or “processed.” Guacamole can be quite fair game but if it’s in a package it’ll have 100 ingredients. It’s not the same as an Avocado, salt and pepper – So know this – Look for it.

This leads us to why in some diet plans – some Carbs, even fruits are out- until the results you need are seen – in some cases long term or even life long.

In fact the term keto is actually ketosis – which is “burning fats for energy rather than carbs” and not to be substituted for keto acidosis which is basically a by product and over-spill of fats.

Oh man we can get deep with this…my brain is whirling right now with body miracles and how to explain this all.

Lets step back a second here.   Those big 3 were the Macros, remember?

There are also micros – these are the vitamins and nutrients the body needs to make the miracles happen… There that’s it – that’s as far as I’m willing to go with this.

But get this – if a fruit is deemed a “super food” or “miracle” food, you need a context before you jump on board. Is it a huge boost of a micro nutrient (say vitamin A which is a great micro nutrient for your eyes) but surrounded by a gazillion carbs (as a fruit is likely to be) .   Because that jacks with a guy with diverticulitis or a guy on a low carb diet because he’s attacking a prostate cancer?

This is the amazing difficultly with writing a nutrition 101 paper – because this stuff is intertwined like a spiderweb. Everything is connected.  And there is a profound amount of dogma and old wives tales – such as..”this is good or this is bad”

Don’t despair however yo!   Keep it simple and experiment.

But at the same time, see why the newest trends like Intermittent fasting, Keto and heck even Adkins from 2 decades ago do so well. You just simply have a lot less variables to add to the equation because you are eating less ingredients.  

If you just simply start to eat PURE, you’ve just taken the difficulty of nutrition from senior year calculous back to 7th grade algebra…still a little crazy but do-able. OK take a Deep breath.  Actually take 6 deep breaths – the studies for mind reset and immediate blood pressure drop is 6 deep breaths.  

Quiz question #2 –

Why are people such as myself adding coconut oil and some ghee (clarified butter) to their coffee in the morning?

It’s a way to add a little good fats to their morning usually in an effort to get the body some macros but ensure there isn’t any carbs in their early routine.

If I am doing that with a stack of pancakes (carbs) with syrup (carbs) and powdered sugar sprinkles (carbs) I’m basically doing it because I’m uniformed OR feel a prolonged state of fasting is coming up and want to increase my fat storage (as in love handles) because I fear an impending ice age. Extra fats added to your diet while keeping high carbs in a bad idea!

OK – quickly – which macro am I primarily?

Avocado?  _____

Macadamia nut?    Both fats.   Good Fats.

Tortilla? Carbs.

Water?   Nothing, as much as you want.

Apple Juice?     T erribly high in sugars, not healthy for any.  Juice itself really.  It’s like powerslamming 7 apples into your gullet and blood with no digestion which just ins’t really very healthy.

Peanut Butter?   A wicked twist engineered to make your brain hurt….answer?  read the label, there’s a million different types and concoctions of peanut butter.

Spinach?  Healthy veg yes, but it’s macro Carbs – (see stage 2 below)

Honey?  Pure sugar.  Carb

Potato?   Carb (not a vegetable at all – it’s a starch)

Broccoli?  Carb – but mixed with a lot of fiber….hmm)

An this is how we get to stage 2 in my article –Carbs from vegetables and some fruits are different.

Yep – too bad – you have to learn this – there are actually 2 carbs:

Simple and complex.

Simple Carbs go straight into sugars in your gut – apple juice – its sugar people. Similar to drinking a coke.   (trivia – you can use apple juice in place of oral Glucose when testing for diabetes it has so much sugar!)

But an apple – has a lot of fiber and form to it – a little more complexity.  It’s a mix of complex and simple carbs (tastes pretty sweet still so you know its got a lot of sugar)

Move over to veggies like Broccoli and you have a much higher ratio of complex carbs and a way way lower amount of simple sugars.

Not very sweet is it dad?

Same goes for spinach, arugula and leafy salad ingredients – These “complex carbs” are what all of us should be injecting in our diets as they basically have a nil amount of insulin requirement and help shunt in good fats into your system.

So a big green salad with olive oil and a sprinkling of nuts may be a bang up incredible meal even for those trying to stay with a high fat diet.

A glass of orange juice however is akin to speed eating 4 oranges in 7 seconds – your body is in shock mode!

Oh my gosh guys, I’m sorry – I now this is long and I know it is complicated – the idea was to make it easier to process so you can make better decisions.  Not sure I have.

How about I leave you with this.

Get your carbs to the complex variety – leafy greens, cauliflower, broccoli etc.

Get in good fats – if you’re 27 to 85 year old, don’t be scared of fats anymore – it wasn’t them that was to fear, it was the chemicals and sugars used to replace them!  “Fat free” labeled food is out!  It’s no good.

Protein – you need some – maybe not as much as you thought though.

Start to look at labels – it explains the ratio right there: Fats, Carb (with a breakdown into sugars) and Proteins right on the label.   Hey, and while you’re browsing the label just look at ingredients. Is there is a lot of 50 cent, tough to pronounce words? Well then, yeah, those are chemicals.  That “food like Substance” came from a lab somewhere.

Lastly – don’t make this miserable – I have tons of articles about just substituting a word to change your mindset.   Diet is the word in question here. If that means the food you eat, well then no problem. If “diet” means restrictive misery, change your word.   Real Food is delicious and should be enjoyed, loved and fun. Food should make us happy!

You can create – cook, learn to love food, REAL food again – that means not concocted sauces, chemicals and packaged drivel.

Your tastes will change – I’ve mentioned before on an article how absolutely terrible a Pringle tastes when you haven’t had one for a few months.  Yet, how incredible the 14th Pringle tastes when you chow em down. It takes time but I’m telling you …Its amazing to have your real-world taste buds open up and explore the world again when the chemicals clear out.  

My dad constantly tells me how he’ll never eat Broccoli, as a fist pounding fact.  But as his taste buds naturalize to what nature intended I’m thinking maybe it won’t taste so horrible…Roasted to perfection with a great butter dollop, dash of salt and spritz of orange splash could change his mind…well probably not – but I guess we’ll see huh?

Reactive Foods and the tie to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION

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Hold onto your menu everybody and start to look closer. A new type of diet is in town and it’s all the rage. You are about to hear about it at barbecues, at the gym, and your doctor’s office andy will see it nonstop in every magazines you subscribe to.

The hot new buzzword for health and longevity with nutrition is elimination diets. Sometimes referred to as “Reactive Foods” 

The above was my headline for a lecture I presented back in 2014.  

Fast forward today – this idea is NO longer revolutionary, no longer cutting edge and no longer controversial.

Hopefully you’ve heard of it and have either tried to play with it or wanting to learn more. If not, well…that’s exactly why I write this stuff.

OK, so what are these, what does it mean and how does this affect you? Do you need it?

Short answer – Yes, It is something you should be familiar with. There will be success in eliminating bad stuff out of your diet and out of your body immediately – in all aspects of your life. You will lose weight, feel better, lift more, run faster, have better sex, think more clearly – life as you know it -will be better. 

But the people who really NEED this – like desperately HAVE to figure this crap out, those are the people with real deal medical conditions. Fatigue, rashes, joint pain, fibromyalgia, sleep pattern issues and seriously, damn near everything. If you have anything “weird” going on – chances are the diet is a HUGE part of the issue.

This idea has and will continue to change the medical treatment for people with long-term inflammatory issues and the implementation of this is WAY BIGGER than what you think.

My own brother had a lot of success treating his rheumatoid issues that took him from a “peak of life high school wrestling coach” to some days needing a cane just to get around. 

So what are we talking about here? 

Many of these plans, and there are thousands of them out right now, focus on a new way of looking at health by “eliminating” foods that your body treats basically like an allergen. Now look, allergy and reactive foods are not the exact same thing. However, the line that the common media and subsequently a lot of doctors use to differentiate these two terms is blurring. The terms are thrown around sort of interchangeably and really, the treatment – which is simply  the elimination of these from your system, is the same – so get the gist here… You eat X and your body reacts poorly.

It sounds a lot like an allergen right? Well it’s not exactly – an epi pen wont be needed nor will it even help. The proper term is reactive food and it is a bit different than a common allergic reaction such as a bee sting or cedar oils. But…It is a really easy concept if you think of it similarly.

Typical food reactions will show increased water retention, so a short term weight gain. The extra water is part of the response to try and process the food through your guts. You’ll also notice, if you’re paying attention, an instant histamine reaction. (stuffy nose, light congestion).

Sometimes it is the amount and frequency of the foods. For instance steak might be fine for a person, but have it two days in a row and you get the reaction. Sound crazy? Actually it’s fairly common. Your body just doesn’t like a certain product at certain levels and it bugs out. Probably, at some level, you’ve already been flirting with some version of a reactive food plan already. It’s not obscure anymore and the whole Gluten Free thing has got HUGE – Your supermarket has an entire row dedicated to it!

I have shared ideas on Lectins, Keto, intermittent fasting on this site even – and the article reads about the same . Dr. Gundry and his Lectins diet and book, takes this whole thing deeper – from reactive foods, to the actual cause – so if you want more info – click on all the links I’ve posted above –

I wrote this article to basically water it down a bit, make the pieces easier to digest and understand.

Small proteins traveling through the gut wall due to cell wall barriers working incorrectly or being hijacked is tough. Reactive food? That’s easy…

Grog eat X. Grog feel Bad. Grog no eat X.

I’m sure you or a friend has heard of grains, especially gluten causing problems? Lactose Intolerant? Dairy, sugars, Paleo, RAW, Vegan – all of these, minus a few basic ethical food choices are types of elimination plans. These plans aren’t new, just newly packaged and marketed. And lately, researched and advanced.

And I will tell you, they aren’t bunk. This idea of reactive foods is quite real and backed by real science. I have tried a 20-30 day trial myself and learned a ton about my body. I have taken a new style reactive foods blood test. I constantly test and experiment. I make better decisions  because of the knowledge I have about what reacts with my body and in what volume and have become fairly acute in understanding when something that has been ok for me for a long time, or even a “healthy food” is now a reactive food – and obviously, not healthy for me anymore.

How do I know when I’m reactive? Clues…such as a 3-4 lb weight gain the next day, a feeling of bloatiness, soft(er) abs {I’m not a six pack guy on normal days by any stretch} and usually within fifteen minutes of eating something I’m reactive to- just a little more snappy and jumpy than normal – Stuff my kids do that usually makes me chuckle now makes me agitated. Give me 7 Pringles and have my kids get all the pets out and play…It’ll drive me nuts! And this is after just a small amount – can you imagine 3-4 potato chips causing a 3-4 lb weight gain? I couldn’t – but it does!

A single granola bar or bowl of oatmeal, yep…for me it does – Potatoes and oatmeal were my first Reactive foods! The removal of these from my diet basically jump started my entire “re-look” into what I was taught in school and what most of us in the health field regurgitate about Nutrition but is basically 20-50 year old science that is wrong. I sat and ate lunch with my 5th grader today – it was very eye opening to see what these kids think about Nutrition by 5th grade. – much of it is terrible advice and poor science. More old wives tales than solid  nutritional foundations at this point in time. It’s turned into bad and good. Only – either/or. Food isn’t a pass/fail test. It is a relationship with lots of moving parts.

Back to potatoes and oats – “whoa Chad – does this mean oats and potatoes are out?” well no, not really. Potatoes and oats aren’t bad foods, (well maybe oats (see Lectins) -heck sweet  potatoes and oatmeal are supposed Superfoods right?…but not for me. For you? Who knows…you have to test it to find out.

As I’ve stated, reactive foods are not allegies. Many times, reactive foods are reversible, not a true allergy, just something that’s not wanted in your system at this time… weird yes, but I make better choices for me because of this info.

The problem with the way foods react is inflammation. Yes! The biggest HEADLINE word for health in the last 2 years and sure to be the main issue treated worldwide over the next 2 decades. Look, it’s not that a little inflammation will kill you, but with food, and especially without knowing what is causing it, is chronic inflammation (the next biggest buzz word in medicine.)

Your body, in basic terms, just doesn’t function while it’s fighting inflammation. Nothing works like it should – not energy creation, fat removal, cancer fighting cells, muscle growth, healing capabilities, hormones, sleep pattern, pain regulation…NOTHING! You have to get rid of inflammation to let the body heal correctly. This is why real diseases like rheumatoid, psoriasis, cholesterol problems, diabetes and Cancer are all jumping on the inflammation bandwagon for treatment options.

AND THIS IS WHY there is a million new drugs, ads, diets and trainers focusing on it. Because it’s worth Million$$.

Like I stated earlier, I like the idea, I like the plans but ladies and gentlemen, if I come off preachy sometimes, I’m sorry but I’ll say it again, “USE YOUR HEADS!!!”

Do you have to give up all wheat, all potatoes, oatmeal? – NO! “Wait Dr. Peters, did you say Dairy was BAD?, NO wait, Just ALL GRAINS?” NO NO NO! Please don’t throw a hand grenade at a problem that needs a hammer and nail.

Again, as I’ve said over and over in the healthfield, it’s not the idea that’s wrong, it’s the practical application (ex: removing all grains when it’s a gluten or rice meal. Or all dairy and all meat, when it may be just one form or too much at once.)

You need to take the time and figure out what works for you and you only. Quit jumping on the fads and use the information to make a better decision. If a gluten free, Paleo diet that a caveman would be proud of and it works for you, fine, but c’mon, BJ’s Pizza tastes really good! sometimes I can handle a pizza and beer sometimes because I’m not fighting a disease state. If you ARE in fact treating Cancer, diabetes, colitis or anything like this then DUDE, the pizza isn’t worth it right now. Fix your body. Help your body fix itself!

This chronic inflammation and elim diets deal is going to just get bigger and bigger. It has already – its already better than when I wrote this article the first time 4 years ago. Look at my site. We have evolved! Play with what works for you and believe me you can. I started this morning differently than I do nearly every other morning and felt like crap all day long. Its real, and by paying attention to just how junky you feel after eating junk you’re on your first part of the journey. We’re all built differently, so what works for you won’t work for me. You can make your body healthier, feel better and find those hidden abs with the right approach and decision making while still enjoying some of the great foods and drinks that work with your system.

The article is pretty much over but I have a couple tools I like to help with this idea.

The book the Plan was a revolution and the one that started me on the journey of reactive foods but its tough – it takes 30 days plus and has a lot of prep. This is the future and now…

The company Everlywell has an incredible blood test that is about $200 you can do at home – I sell these in my clinic and you can get them on Amazon. It changed my world! This is so much easier than a 30 day test!

There is a company called 1 Step – where you fill out a food journal and the company has a dude that looks over all your stuff and systematically removes just 1 food at a time that is a likely candidate of crap your eating. Genius, for those a little less motivated and stubborn – but even without the website – the idea itself is powerful – remove just 1 thing at a time that’s crushing your day. Do it for a month – now find another.

Therapy Vs Therapeutic…And Why You’re Screwed.

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  • There is a difference between what feels good and what works.

Deciding you don’t care… you just want what feels good isn’t helping you.

Please allow yourself to be a fly on the wall for a repetitive daily conversation in my clinic.

Me: “OK Ms. Jones, after your exam and evaluation, I feel confident this is what you have and I feel comfortable that is the correct diagnosis. And here is what you can do at home to take care of this issue. Kind of an “at home rehab idea” that will speed your issue and speedily FIX it.

Patient:  “But I don’t like to do that. I do this instead, ____” …example: use a hot shower, massage, hot tub, stretch, etc)

Me: “Yes, I understand that feels good but that approach is incorrect, in this case, it’s actually bad for you and is a big part of why you are not getting better.  It’s sabotaging your recovery…Here is what you should do instead.”

Patient:   “But it just feels good.”

Me: “agh”, pull my hair out (old days, I now have no hair!)

Every. Single. Day. Forever.

Hopefully this will clear things up quickly. 2 words, similar in nature but different in application.

Therapy = treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder

Therapeutic (or soothing) = feels good

These ideas and terms are similar and at times overlap but they are not the same thing and odds are SEVERELY against your understanding the difference and how to apply it.

This is because we all tend to just follow our ‘chocolate lab brains’. Our chocolate lab brains are non stop pleasure seeking and affirmation based.  You cant tell a lab anything.   It knows what it wants.

Feels good triumphs over better advice.

It is your fault but I won’t blame you – because I know why. Because it really does feel sooo good.

The problem is that you’ll never get better – you are working against your ability to get better.   What I spend 30 minutes to an hour fixing, you spend 10-12 hours undoing.

Therapy vs. Comforting vs. soothing vs it feels good is an easy concept to understand but hard to implement. Let me give you a few examples I see in my clinic daily. Over and over and over.

– Heck guys,

This whole concept of you doing what feels good vs. what is appropriate treatment is the reason I started the whole damn website.

I do this lecture 5-10x a day – one person at a time. The hope is that an online following will help me reach more people, a shotgun type approach to health.


Ice vs. Heat – I’ve absolutely chiropractic napalmed this topic to death – you’ll see this come up on a million times..I won’t make you read it again. If you are inflamed… don’t use heat – that’s the opposite of anti-inflammatory – that called pro-inflammatory.

“But how can I tell if I’m inflamed?”   There are some tricks to the trade I can do clinically but an easy way is to just ask yourself – does ibuprofen (Advil) or Naproxen (Aleve) help take the edge off? Yes?   Those are anti-inflammatories.  It says so on the box – there’s no pain relieving drugs in there, just anti-inflammatory. So don’t pro – inflammatory treat it.

“But it just feels so good to take a hot shower.” I know. I know. But 15 minutes later it hurts again…yeah – it certainly does feel good.

Sorry, I told you I wouldn’t rant but it’s seriously our most discussed and played out things and one of the only few true negatives I have at work. I HATE this lecture and I do it clinically  100x a week!

Stretching  – as in “I don’t stretch enough” or “I stretch all the time, I have an hour routine I’ve been doing for three years now”

(see the 4 Reasons Why You Have Tight Muscles and What To Do About It on this site with a Batman picture included)

There are many reasons for tight muscles – Step into the future and get away from the old adage of you need to stretch more.   You sound like my PE teacher in the 90’s.  Get with the modern take on “tightness”

Oh what’s that? But it feels good? Great. 

Stop reading this immediately and start it again next year when you’re still messed up.

The answer is – know what you have first …

here’s a clue…For the most part – the entire back side of your body is over stretched and overlong already.   It’s over elongated  because we all sit too long.  (and.. Just stretching a tight muscle is lame and most likely is slowing down your recovery. Contracting the Posterior Chain (aka “UnWinding” the Seated Position)

Rest for an injury –

An acute issue probably needs a little rest – emphasis on LITTLE.

“I sprained my ankle 4 mo. ago and rested it (the entire time) and yesterday on my first run it came right back.  You think I should rest it more?”

Guess what? You didn’t rest – you just did nothing. Dude! We’re talking like atrophy, weakness-induced-level time off. You forgot to do something and anything. You were not pro-active. Rest by itself is by no means therapy. Ever.

Massage –

I love massage – I have three awesome LMT’s in my clinic. But, it is not for every issue – every time. If you have difficulty getting out of bed each morning because your back is killing you and if you sneeze,cough or fart you’d collapse in pain – then why on Earth would you figure lying face down for an hour would HELP?!  You won’t be able to get up off the table!

advice I’ve given already…you need to know what you have.

Second example – you want to use massage as a therapy – as in a FIX for a condition. “Oh man, I hold all my stress right here!” (imagine my mom pointing to her shoulders)

But you’ve been getting massages every week for the last two years. Guess what? It’s not working. If it was what you needed, it would have fixed you by now.

“But doc, it feels so good”

On this example I’ll throw you a bone here…If you are getting a massage for the sole reason that it feels good, personally I’m OK with that. It’s your money – use it however you want to. It does feel good and hands-on therapy has some seriously great side effects emotionally and mentally. BUT – you can’t complain when it doesn’t work as a therapy. As a fix. I don’t want to hear, “Oh I tried massage for about 2 years, it never worked for me.”

Give your poor Therapist a chance – don’t ask a massage therapist for miracles….”But my tight muscles, what about them?” Read 4 Reasons Why You Have Tight Muscles and What To Do About It one more time please.  you didn’t “get it” the first time.

My last example is the guys that are the polar opposite – the “no pain- no gain” crowd. Basically, most of my friends:   cross fitters, wrestlers, marathoners, power lifters …the type A crowd. 

The guys and girls that think if it doesn’t hurt like crazy it’s not doing anything. These guys will take a foam roller idea and in 3 weeks be using a metal weight bar to really get in and crush the muscles. “DUDE IT HURTS LIKE HELL TO CRUSH MY MUSCLES AND ROLL MY SHOULDERS OUT WITH A SHOT PUT, BUT IT’S LIKE A GOOD HURT ….BRO!”


I don’t even want to get into this right now. If you are serious about fixing an issue, and want to go it alone, I’m cool with that – get to know your body.

My advice would be to try your therapy of choice out for 4 sessions. 4 trys.

If you haven’t got serious results in 4 sessions, my bet is that you are doing something wrong – try a different approach.

Learn. Get smarter with your health. Maybe you’ve heard the quote, “First, Don’t fool yourself and…You’re the easiest person to fool.”

Quit fooling yourself – Quit lying to yourself with lame justification of “feels good” and FIX your body.

Why We’re Not The Experts For Our Kids

I’m in the middle of soccer, baseball, softball and Ninja Warrior season right now. Both as a dad and as a coach – I’m involved! I have a career as a sports based chiropractor but spend a significant amount of my time and energy on human performance. I love helping adults and kids at becoming faster, stronger and more energetic. It is a passion of mine and after 4 or 5 generations of coaching I feel like coaches and teaching is in my genes –  especially for the age of my kids right now and their sports teams.

I often hear parents say, “It’s nice to have you coach because we can tell our kids what to do but they won’t listen.” That’s true. It’s difficult to be experts to your own kids.   Watch my teams.10 kids paying attention and fired up and ready to work and my two girls doing cartwheels 20 feet away. I’m no expert for them. I’m the dad – not the expert. Barely the coach.

The other kids might think I invented the sport and what I say is GOLD – but let’s get my kids I’m just dad.

This may happen to you as well. Especially the young parents that have their oldest in sports for the first time –  “why won’t she listen to me??!! I played college ball for crying out loud!”

Don’t be discouraged. I have figured it out, and I can help you. I use my friends (whom are coaches) as the experts for my kids. I used to have issue with this but I’ve seen the light and learned from my mistakes.. I’ve done dozens of Tough Mudders and obstacle courses, hell, I built the stuff in our back yard they play on, but still – NO advice from dad please.

Guys it’s no big deal. Stop worrying and see it from the kids’ perspective and you’ll see why – for millennia, parents have RARELY been the experts. Even the best coaches in the world use outside help.

Little known fact – little Vito Columbus, Chris’ kid, learned to sail from one of his friends.  Not his dad.  It was pretty much peer pressure alone that made his, although lesser known – equal in longevity, sailing career profitable and secure.

Here’s why.

They’ve seen you in your underwear.

Pretty much sums it up. How can you be an expert when the kids know you like that.

They’ve seen you in the shower, swearing while tripping on Legos, in the morning before the coffee has kicked in, hungover, swearing after you stubbed your toe, Irrate over some little insignificant thing like clothes on the floor, swearing again about another thing not picked up that you stepped on – whining, begging for them to just. Go. To. Bed. Please. Basically everything that entails being a parent.

We are intimately tied to our kids and this is a GOOD thing, but it does lend itself to familiarity and comfort– both traits that keep you from being the end all –be all expert of the universe. And let’s get real, the real job of parents is in the comfort and familiarity department. That’s social development homey. The real stuff.  . Confidence and Security. That’s OUR job #1 and something to be proud of. Our kid hitting the slider can take a back seat for a while.

Have you ever noticed how your kids get when they see their teacher at the grocery?  That’s because Teachers haven’t been thought of as actual real people with real lives. They don’t just live at the school and think of nothing but furthering the human race by the education of the youth?

Use this information. Be OK with it – you still are the person they trust and love the most and they will always come back to you. Be the one that supports what the coach says and help reiterate the lessons they need. Ask the coaches to bring up something you want to instill.

Your kids’ universe is different than yours. Their perspective is different than yours and the same information coming in different ways helps reinforce the lessons they need for sports, life, love family and development. These little guys and girls are observant and when they see others listening to your advice and ideas, they’ll eventually get the point and understand that you actually do know whatever it is you’re yammering on about over there. No matter how they act – you’re still mom and dad..the smartest, strongest, kindest and most specialist person in the whole world.  Even in your underwear.