Galloway Method of Running

Intervals of Run/Walk – a brief summary of what you need to know to go forever!

I have a new friend named “Joyce” who is about to embark on her first 5K run event after a four years hiatus.

She’s going to do the Galloway Method of which I have spoke about and is my “go to” style of running (Jeff Galloway info and links) for every event I do. (run interval walk interval)

Here’s the scoop in a nutshell – click Jeff’s link to dig in deeper.

You run for a designated time (ex: 3 minutes.)

You then walk for 30 seconds


so as an example:

My suggested time intervals for her (this being her first time attempting it) was a three minute run with a 30 sec walk. This is also my suggested interval for nearly everybody interested in trying this style out.

Based on personal experience and my background in physiology and sport – I don’t want her going much more than 30 seconds on her recovery because lactic acid tends to spill out into the muscle.

Lactic Acid wont affect your performance (you burn lactic acid for fuel.)  It does however cause a burning sensation on the start of the next run interval and why have that?  30 sec is plenty of recovery time to top off ATP levels and get your breathing back.

Another suggestion I have for her is as she continues to improve on her Galloway method over the months is to notice when she is looking at her watch wanting a rest period.

Three minutes is a good baseline start but if you can modify the run period you’ll cover more ground with not much additional effort.

For Instance I run a 3:45 and rest for 30.  

If I was continually looking down at my watch to see how much time is remaining before I rest at the at 3:30 mark – I would know I was pushing it a bit too far. It isn’t coming easy and natural now.

I could and should then back off my run interval to 3:20.

You strive to rest before the run gets tough. Each Interval.

 Make it easy, this equals more fun and no reduction in your pace. Over time the interval will get longer but should not reach the painful, tough stage.

Are your Doctors, Therapists and Trainers Failing You?

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This is actually a very common complaint that we hear in our Clinic.

In fact, I hear this nearly on a day-to-day basis.

The client, perhaps this is you, has tried seemingly every treatment option and protocol available and still feels terrible.

It could be diet plans that have failed, workout systems that just haven’t cut  the fat, or perhaps low back pain that just seems to come up three to four times a year despite all types of interventions.  

I’ve seen this with seemingly healthy people, but most often patients with a  health history that consists of a binder where, ”please list all medications you are taking” is a handout sheet that has been copied because there are way too many to remember.

Rather than me ranting on in a never ending Looping debate about problems with the healthcare industry, with incompetence, with lack of drive and willpower, or with the evil empire that is the food industry or the us versus them attitude – let me take a different perspective. I want to give you an outsider’s look.


Aside from healthy living and lifestyle, I spend a lot of time researching and diving into personal safety. Everything from classes on survival to how to shoot a gun better to how to teach my own kids personal safety at their schools- it’s just a topic I really enjoy.

No matter what opinions are being taught, and believe me there are as many opinions in the safety/tactical/security world, as there are in the medical/health/fitness world, there is one overlying rule that every single instructor states prior to any learning.

“Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

When asked what led Andy Murphy of the popular “THE SECURE DAD” podcast into a life of thinking, writing and discussing personal security, he answered it like that.

He says, “After Columbine it became evident, even for me as a high school kid that Personal security is MY own responsibility.”

He has parlayed this lifestyle into a fantastic website, top podcast, social media and amazon top-seller.  Andy’s actually given me a lot of perspective about a lot of topics not related to his intended objective.

So for him and me and other like-minded people, It doesn’t matter if this entails you having “ situational awareness” while walking through the parking lot at Walmart, being a certain length behind the car in front of you at a stoplight, to having flashlights in Prime positions around your house should you encounter The Boogeyman.

The fact that personal security is your own responsibility empowers YOU to act on your behalf.   

Of course we still have policemen, firefighters, military super ninjas, video cameras and weapons as well as routinely get our brakes checked in our car and put new batteries in our fire alarms. Even with an arsenal of people and ideas and technology to help us, when security becomes an issue it happens too fast to rely on someone or something else to help us.  It’s up to you!

Maybe the first and most powerful tip in the security world is to avoid the things that get us into a dangerous situation in the first place.

Become aware.  

So how does that relate to your health?

Because Healthcare has to be like this. Exactly like this. You and only you are responsible for your body and your health.

You can use outside sources such as your doctors, chiropractors, personal trainers, dietitians, celebrity weight loss sources… the list goes on and on.

You can use these pros for ideas and opinions, for help.   They have the triple T –  great tips, tricks and tools. 

But until you decide it is time to fix your body nothing is going to happen.

If what I take 45 minutes to fix in my clinic, you take the next 10 hours undoing, its a net loss and an eventual breakdown and fail.

Your doctors aren’t failing you. Your trainers aren’t failing you. You are failing yourself.

It may not be your fault, you may have been led down the wrong path to begin with. You may have a huge emotional component tied up into your health that needs to be dealt with first. 

There is a list as long as the internet and a never ending self-help category on Amazon into the “why.”   The why is what you control.  And that is the fix.  That’s the turning point.

What I’m telling you is that you need to make your health your responsibility. There is no magic diet, magic pill,  workout program, or secret Voodoo Chiropractic Shaman adjustment that is going to radically change your path.   

Use the experts in the health field for their opinions and their ideas. They have shortcuts and the triple T. But ultimately, the realization that your body and your health are your responsibility will be the most important step you ever take towards feeling GREAT again.

Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation – A Simple Analogy

Picture a Boy Scout campfire. That’s my working image for today’s learning lesson. 

Feel free to join in today’s weenie roast – gather around, find a nice log to set yourself on and listen up as camp director Dr.Chad uses his deep slow scary voice and a flashlight to the face to scare the bejeezus out of you in an attempt to relate-

 what may be the world’s biggest epidemics of modern times..

 Look, I know I’ve explained inflammation a million times but I’ll tell you now, this time its new and improved – I’m better – and there’s new information and a new way of thinking. It’s superior information and application than what I was doing a week ago and I promise to give you a better perspective and the ammo to make a decision that will dramatically affect your life.

I speak on inflammation more than any other topic in my clinic.  

Every time you hear an athlete or celebrity talk about this new and improved diet or go vegan or go lectin free or ANY OTHER DIET – this is the basis In the last decade – so has every doctor worth their salt. 

Inflammation is THE cause of your problem.  I don’t even know what you specifically have but Whatever you have, I’ll take the over bet that there is an inflammatory component.

 Let’s start this conversation with the basics – this is a lecture for 5th grade campers after how about a 5th grade level thought process for you, I’d say think about a Sprained Ankle? It is easy to imagine this injury, obviously it is inflamed. EVERYONE KNOWS you treat this issue with ice or R.I.C.E.

The analogy for this is

 “Pour some water on that fire, campers! – it’s too damn hot for S’mores”

 OK, how about deeper stuff – let’s say high school level learning – things like osteo and rheumatoid arthritis?   Psoriatic, Lupus and all the others. How about Bursitis and Tendinitis. Arthritis, any itisis are exactly this – simple, straight up inflammation.   “ itis “ is nothing more than the medical 50 cent word for inflammation.   Add arthro meaning joint, bursa meaning bursa or tendon meaning tendon in front of it and you have the modern-day-Latin for your condition.  This is great news! Dude you don’t have THE disease arthritis you have an inflamed joint.

“Campers, did anyone think to put a pit of stones around this fire?? There’s a lot of dried leaves sitting in the tall grass here…that can’t be safe!”

 Which gets me to the next part – if it’s not a disease state it means you can recover from this – it’s fixable! You can fix arthritis and Bursitis and Tendinitis – Hallelujah!

“Thanks Chad, I never knew! And now there’s hope!”

Now lets graduate and move on to the undergrad or college level of issues, this will require a little thinking. Hang with me here. Itis simply means inflamed -how about things such as colitis, Crones, diverticulitis IBS etc.

Gut and intestine inflammation right? Yes – it is – a little more deep thinking but at the cellular level it’s just inflamed – you can fix this too. As well as all the irritable bowel and gas and disaster pants – these issues suck, but still – it’s inflammation here guys, nothing more.

Even with deep metabolic conditions such as gout and Eczema – ittis the inflammatory response, that’s causing all the pain and redness.

“Uh Campers, the fire seems to be a bit out of control.  Who threw a pallet and gas on the fire?”

The problem is that inflammation is part of the natural healing process – doesn’t sound like a natural process should cause a problem?  Well yours is. Mostly, because your body went on crazy overproduction and emergency mode –

It tried to put out the scouts campfire by building a dam and flooding the valley. Too much and overkill.

Diving deeper – Next we’re going to move to the grad school level, where the cutting edge research and the lecture circuit on inflammation is happening.  To where it’s looking like most issues, ( think ALL ) – have a major impact coming from the inflammatory response – things like Alzheimer’s, Type II diabetes (even thoughts on type 1 being at the first stages) and even ADHD?   Pretty much every and all Autoimmune diseases to name a few…dozens.

Hopefully I have your attention!

Well maybe that’s just not your thing – all this science on chronic disease and stuff… Not interested.

Well how about a fat ass?  

Now we’re talking. Wake up!

Yep the last 10 pounds keeping you from being ripped or the freshman 50 you put on and cant take off.  

See?  It’s a part of everything and it affects everyone – even you.

So let’s get to that fat belly –

“Chad, you’re telling me it’s the inflammation NOT the triple bacon mac cheeseburger chocolate ice cream diet coke float”

Yes!  Well sort of.  

Your diet is the culprit, causing the inflammation. Your gut isn’t working right because of all the crappy food choices (even a lot you were told were smart choices) and now you cant even get the good stuff in and too much bad stuff is coming in and your body is using the river to put out a campfire all over again.  

Its repeatedly using a river to put out a kid’s tiny campfire. Over and over again the kids build a fire up and the river puts it out.   Eventually someone up in command central just says”forget it” and decides to use napalm to just strip and defoliate the entire campsite so no-one can camp here anymore and the area will just get a chance to reset and return to a baseline – it will never be the 100 year old woods again with the incredible variety of flora and fauna that took decades to establish because of all the campfires and rivers running the wrong way and brush fires and most of the logs have been used up.  BUT, with a complete reset, in time, it will become beautiful and quite functional again. It COULD THRIVE AGAIN. But day in and day out little campers keep showing up with minivans full of wood and kindling and THESE LITTLE BUGGERS keep setting up these damn camp fires all over the scorched earth. They are relentless! Who the hell keeps showing up to camp on a napalmed campsite, that’s insane – everyone can see its been destroyed and isn’t functioning like a campsite. Still, they just keep showing up. And it’s not just on weekends anymore either – there is a line of campers waiting to get in!

Yes – it seems inflammatory conditions are becoming serious business for doctors and consequently for the drug and supplement suppliers working to help.

The WORLD is rushing to find new treatments, drugs, food products, diet books and oils creams, shakes and exercise programs to try and treat your inflammatory conditions and over all they are doing pretty good – there’s lots of progress in all these categories.

Then why do we all as a society just keep getting worse?!

Back to the analogy. I think everyone – doctors, drug companies, Trump, me, nutritionists etc – we’re all missing something. We’re basically firefighters trying to control the burn with:


Steroids (Saids)

Omegas fatty acids


Cherry juice (think gout and other metabolic issues)

Active ROM exercises

Glucosamine chondroitin etc

Designer drugs built to target individual issues

Exercise (think to reduce arthritic conditions and create lubrication etc)

Chiro’s, massage therapists, psychologists, MD’s, dietitians, etc

How about WD40 and olive Oil (because that’s what Jesus used!

OK the last two are totally fake and wont work – but  I seriously heard these both in the last 2 weeks from patients…  

Anyway – there’s this list…a handful collection of things you TAKE to blunt the Inflammation complex.

You’ve tried many of these for sure.They work.

Back to the campfire –

For this example let’s use a classic treatment –  an NSAID such as an over the counter ibuprofen or naproxen – these are like bringing a 20 oz water bottle to the fire.   Pour it right on those hot coals and wa-la it helps – the fire fizzles out on that log and the flames are reduced.

But given time, the fire will return to the area that we just doused because a fire is hot.  This is my idea of why if you take an anti inflammatory only when it hurts, you’re missing a better treatment window. The fire has re-flamed.

This kind of treatment, via creams and pills seem to work better if they are used 2-3 times a day. it’s like constantly pouring the water on – for a better effect.

Not the best situation but man, sometimes even a little bit of taking the edge off is worth it.

But now you keep doing dumb stuff such as a hot tub or hot shower or a long deep stretch.

That’s more blood to the area, which feels good initially because blood is like that, but 20 minutes later BAM! The body is inflamed – the fire is stoked and the alarms go off! You just went PRO Inflammatory, not ANTI Inflammatory.

This is the same lecture I always do. I’ve got that scenario mentioned on this site and my clinic’s site a dozen different ways. I’m OK with some anti inflammatories!

But let’s dive deeper here because this is Drchadpeters and we enjoy getting smarter every day.

What if you like eating sugars and carbs or foods you’re reactive to? That’s every bit as detrimental to inflammation.

That’s throwing kindling on the fire! Wow! It just flared back up – bigger than before – But oh! its OK – you’re eating 5-6 small meals per day. Great – you just threw a pack of fireworks on that camp fire.

In fact – depending on what you eat or do at home – you could just be adding perfectly cured hickory logs to your fire and man, those babies burn fantastically – long and hot.    As in, “my knee has hurt for 2 weeks” or the all time classic, “my arthritis has FLARED UP” –

yep   Truly -It has.

This goes for every its and complex previously mentioned- the initial plan was to make the campfire smaller and less heat – less inflammation. What can we take or do to lessen the burn?

Now – just for a minute,  look at this from a different angle. This was brought to my attention today and blew my mind and gave me a concise fifth grader’s understanding of body works.

What if it’s not what you INGEST and ADD but instead what you ELIMINATE from the fire as the treatment?

Remove…not add.

What I’m suggesting is what if we just pulled the logs out of the campfire?

Look, I know this stuff is deep but your body is constantly taking in stuff – good stuff and bad stuff and often good stuff that for whatever reason is now being attacked by the body as IS TREATED as if it is bad.  It’s confusing…I know. But this time I’m speaking literally – your body is confused.

Hang on here for just a second. I’m going to give you an example to deepen your understanding.

Eggs are good for you – the protein and fats make it nearly nature’s perfect food.

The proteins, of course, should be all ground up in your guts into tiny amino acids before they get into the blood.

Let’s say I had pneumonia a few weeks ago and had to take antibiotics for a two weeks session and now my gut bacteria is basically gone and the proteins are now not ground up properly and some of these full proteins get through the gut wall and directly into the blood system.

Well, what happens it that all the magic in the blood senses these proteins as foreign invaders and starts the attack – keeping you healthy and preserved.   But – and it’s a huge BUT – over day by day of egg protein sneaking in my system the body actually makes antibodies for these proteins and just basically says – “eggs are bad, they’re invaders!” and the attack continues on and on to the point that the guts may even begin to implement early warning air raid sirens when eggs are introduced.

Now the eggs that are supposedly good for you, just aren’t anymore. They are the kids campfire and the body sends the flooding to quelch the problem. Now multiply this by every day because damn dude, you love yourself some eggs in the morning and multiply that by the other 100’s of proteins that over the last decade the body has made a defense system for and you can see how it seems like we’re reactive to damn near everything. It’s because in reality we most like ARE!

This is why our sprained ankle still hurts and seems to never be healing, why our knees are always sore and why you run to the bathroom like you’ve got dysentery every time you have your morning coffee.

I think its a bigger player in aging than your number of trips around the sun.  You’re not getting older, your body is starting to reject more and more stuff and eventually gets confused about all the proteins such as those in joint tissue, skin, hair etc. This is the definition of Autoimmune disease – the body is attacking itself.

One more thought – it’s now pretty much known that long term anti inflammatory use as NSAIDS and sometimes even short term use directly affect and in essence punch holes into the gut wall allowing for these food particles to be attacked. The very ammo we were using for short term inflammation control now allows for more long term and chronic inflammation. AGH! Its like you can’t win.

But you can – it takes work and patience and being true to yourself and could take outside help and blood work but you can treat the entire body with a better anti inflammation diet.  It’s all the rage in the NFL – just give it about 6 weeks to really show up – it’s all you’ll hear about.

Yes, an anti Inflammation diet is tough – it will be hard and it’s mind numbing because it just goes so deep – I can go WAAAAAY deeper on this guys – (see Lectin article coming out soon) but this is a good start.     

I also think we as American Humans need a reset sometimes and I feel this is a HUGE reason why keto/paleo and intermittent fasting work so well – the food choices are just less. Less things to be reactive and consequently less of an inflammation cascade.

I think this is why the body feels so incredible during a true fast (after a bit of hunger discomfort) and why so many in Functional Health, the guys that actually care about healing and causes, suggest fasting and diet resets and cleanses for everything from acne to fat loss to cancer treatments .

Conversely, it’s the reason WHY there are so many misconceptions and poor advice and why simple advice like, “go Gluten Free” just doesn’t even cover it and actually is most likely leading you down the wrong rabbit hole.

(warning:  another analogy) Gluten is THE rock start right now, but honestly – Gluten is just a guy in a band that has become the poster boy.  He’s truly not special at all and there are a ton of similar rockers and many of them rock even harder than gluten.

It’s also why I can’t offer you a fix – This stuff is deep and it’s personal and there is a multi prong approach that is totally doable but tough if you don’t have a reason.

It’s why I can get away with having a beer and pizza and really aside from feeling bloated and foggy I’m not nearly as bad as my brother who couldn’t walk the next day his body is so reactive with rheumatoid.  

But, it’s also why, the same brother knows he is playing a different game than me with different stakes and doesn’t want the pizza and beer – he wants to feel good.  

And really, over time, the foods that the body attacks can be reintroduced and most likely he’ll be fine.

Again, I don’t have a solution for all of you but I would like to call a wake up and shout out to look at ELIMINATING the cause vs ADDING buffers. Cause vs treatment vs ELIMINATION. It’s not a two player game.

Remove the logs, hell,  remove the entire fire pit and camp site and plant a garden of wonderfulness there instead and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

As Dr. Steven Gundry of the “Plant Paradox” says, “What you DON’T eat is more important than what you DO eat.”

All these crazy guys eating and preaching ideas like this are actually the leaders in the next change in the diet revolution. These guys are attacked as nuts, New age and hippies but they will go down in history as the innovators, researching and understanding the inner workings of our body and responses to what we put in it.

We have come such a long way from calories in/calories out. I want you to Get in the game!


episode # 15 on SportsDocDC take this one on the road with you!

I swear, everyone I know is either doing keto or interested in keto or swears it works or doesn’t.  Everyone has an opinion. Keto is no longer a NEW FAD system.  It’s a part of health and nutrition and a billion dollar industry that brings out the worst (and occasionally the best) in marketing and sales and slimy sales pitch expertise.. 

There are literally 100’s of books for sale right now on Amazon and Bookstores across the land on going Keto, being Keto or Keto diet systems.   

This article is a no-holds barred summary. It’s sure to upset a few people. For whatever reason, this whole “keto-system” has more emotion and personal belief involved with it than any diet program I’ve ever seen. That’s not a puny statement either guys – I’m a cross fit guy. Cross fitters lived and died by Paleo and Primal living. They literally would hold you down and pile 5 Paleo eaters on top of you until you submitted.   Ok maybe not literally but they were some serious Caveman style eaters. (Insert joke about cavemen eating Paleo chocolate chip cookie and coconut muffins)   

Keto has 100x the emotional attachment of Paleo and seems to spark arguments every time I bring it up.  “Nope, Dr. Peters, you’re wrong…Keto is bad – my doctor says you’ll get cholesterol and die.”   “It’s good, my brother’s ex girlfriend was ripped and ketoed.”   “NONONO!  Keto is mixing these shakes and then crushing it in the gym while all the time selling your elixirs in a multilevel marketing jackpot…duh!” 

Let me help you cut through the fat…anyone anyone?   And hopefully help you with decision making on this idea. 

First thing first. I think Keto is a great idea for most. 

That’s right – no hate here. It’s a system that could change your entire world of eating and nutrition.

I play with it on and off all the time – I’m in the middle of a keto day right now and love the way I feel. I sell a Keto book in my clinic.  it’s from Mark Sisson, It’s for sale in my shop on the affiliates page.   

That stated it’s not for everyone.   You have to play with it and see what works and what doesn’t for you.

But you need to understand it…

Understanding keto seems to not even enter the picture for the majority of people on both sides of the keto fence. 

What ketosis should be: 

Your body uses fats, not carbs as THE primary fuel source.   

This is accomplished by utilizing a high fat and very carb restricted diet, particularly sugars – they’ve got to go.    

The rub here is that, when the scientists have their own personal beliefs and agendas, they will debate “should carbs OR fats or Protein” be the primary fuel source for Humans. 

I can get all technical and deep but seriously, this information is out there, go as deep as you want with it on your own research OR read the book I recommend below. 

What bastardized ketosis has become due to it being a billion dollar industry: 

If I pee on a pee stick built to detect ketones in my urine and it turns purple, I’m in keto

Ketones are the by product of stored fats in the body being turned into fuel the body can use for energy. 

If you did ketosis correctly, yes- you may have ketones detected via a pee stick.  In fact, that’s the main tool used in studies and at home testing as it is cheap and easy. 

Here’s the problem…you could just ingest a ton of ketones into your diet, typically in an exogenous salts shake and you’ll show purple on the pee stick.    

It’s a different process same that gets the same pee stick result.  I’d argue one is true ketosis and one is false ketosis.    

Cue the billion dollar industry selling garbage you don’t need but your sister in law sells. 

Here’s the thing.  If you want to try burning fats as your fuel source here’s a few things to consider: 

  1. You need the machinery in your body that allows for fat processing.  If you’re like me you’ve spent your life using carbs as fuel and the machinery is dormant.  It takes a month or so to re-activate these nearly obsolete never utilized powerplants. (this in my opinion is TRUE ketosis)   
  2. You may need to fast, as in actually not eating anything, for a day or so to really jump-start this process.
  3. Sugars and any simple carb will immediately jump you out of fat burning mode.    
  4. You most likely won’t stay in fat for fuel  mode long stretches at a time unless you get really serious– most amatuer ketosis fans use it on and off in stages.  Most use it for quick weight loss – The idea is to have it when you need it.  So you cant take these on and off guys (like me) as your source of real information… Unless they podcast a whole article explaining it a little deeper.   
  5. Your friends don’t know what the hell they’re talking about – nor do the facebook ads, nor your supplement store – do yourself a favor and learn the process yourself. 

Ok – let’s say you aren’t into “true keto.” You just stopped eating all the carbs and sugars and call it keto. That’s not a bad thing– that’s called “low carbs” and it’s absolutely fine and healthy – you’ll drop body weight and feel great. 

This is also often called “Modified Adkins” or the “Dude I don’t eat sugar anymore and everything is sugar plan.”

I’m all for low carbs and even more into no sugars, more than at any time in my life – it is good for you.  It’s just that it’s not true keto until you are actually using fats as a true fuel source…as the preferred source. 

Look at this scientifically for just a second here. If you truly are a fat burning machine, it makes sense that you maybe wouldn’t pee so many ketones out as you’d be burning them up as fuel – thereby not spilling them over into your urine. 

Regardless, if you want THE BEST information on this stuff and it interests you – I would strongly recommend Mark Sisson and his new book. Mark’s is the Keto Reset Diet (the reset being 21 days, as in, it takes 21 days or so to truly have the machinery working for you.) I would start here before anyone else. The first 50 pages or so just explains it so easily and interestingly. Mark also has some incredible podcasts on keto and what I feel is the real deal approach. 

He is the epitome of eating well and basically thought he had created THE SINGLE BEST way to eat for health and longevity with his Primal eating series which was revolutionary and best sellers….and then he and his writer Brad Kearnes started experimenting with Keto and it was better! 

Keto is interesting as there may be fantastic application with cancer treatments, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, inflammation and a lot of chronic diseases. It’s catching fire for performance – wait until you start hearing about the NFL’s anti-inflammatory diet.   

What I notice more than anything else is brain power. I’m certain I’ve never been into true keto (although I am playing with this) but I just notice my brain working so much better and clicking at a faster rate. My brain is turned on. This is most likely a byproduct of no sugars more than the increased fats however.

Like I said, I don’t care which Keto you like and how you apply it in your life – Sugars are bad and getting rid of them drops weight and makes you feel ridiculous in a good way. I just wanted to clear the air and get you headed in the right direction if you’re interested.

Like all my advice.  I’d try it – put it to the test and experiment.  That’s what I push on this site all the time.

I want you guys to learn so be sure to check out other nutrition articles I’ve done such as:


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ep #16 on SportsDocDC wherever you podcast!

Another classic in the “how do I hack my eating” – the term Macros is getting a lot of play in the diet world again so I wanted a record of it on my site.

Perhaps you have heard of Macros and are interested or perhaps you’re confused or maybe you’re just looking to get more information of what’s out there so you can make better decisions.

Well…It’s not new. It’s basically been around since the very first dieting or changes in diet – like 100 years or so.

So why now? Didn’t macros just die like a decade ago with all the new stuff: the keto’s, the intermittent fastings and the reactive foods stuff?  

The short answer is they never went anywhere. Macros are science. It’s the definition of your food.

“Macros” stands for macro nutrients.

Macro nutrients are Carbs, Fats and Protein. Sometimes water will be grouped up in there. That’s it.

See you already know this stuff.

Micro nutrients are vitamins and co enzymes and BCAAS and many of the extras in supplements etc. They are not a part of this. This is macros baby.

Macros work differently depending on the ratio you organize them in your daily diet.  No matter what diet you do you are jacking with macros. You like keto? That’s a high fat, low carb diet Holmes. Keto is macros. They all are.

Are you fat? Well I’m guessing your macro ratio is pretty high fat and high carbs.  That’s the combo that creates that.

Want to get jacked?  PROTEIN (monster voice) More PROTEIN.

It’s this easy- Change your ratio, change your body or performance or brain chemistry or life.

“Macros” as the term, is all about nailing your ratios of how much of each category leads you to your results.

So you track them. You measure and calculate and plan and dial in your exact levels to get the results you want. Maybe you need more carbs because you work out like a beast and have been really low because you’re following a keto plan. Maybe your protein is way lower than it should be and you can’t put on the muscle you are working so hard for.

Maybe all your carbs come from sugar and your turning into a type 2 diabetic.

So what is it and why does it seem so difficult. Because it’s not hard. It’s not – there’s an ap, My Fitness Plan, for one – that makes it so simple it even becomes fun.  A little fun. OK, not fun but doable.

Track it, plan it and change it. Get what you want. Science. Energy. Science energy. Proteins, carbohydrates fats, more energy than your body has room for  Run faster, lift more, impress your friends!

Does it work?

Yes, it works.  That being said – damn near EVERY diet plan and program work. The problem isn’t finding a plan that works. The problem is time.   

Jeff Olsen from the greatest book of all time “the Slight Edge” explains it best…time is the missing ingredient.  Everything in life is based about the decisions you make each and every day and compounded over time-

weeks, months and years – doing anything, over time, gives you incredible results.

So yes, it works over time.  

Eating better foods over time makes you lose fat.     

Eating more food combined with increased activity, especially muscles, gets you jacked and tan.

Eating precisely to maximize performance works to increase your productivity and ability.

It’s a good plan.

Every bodybuilder on the planet becomes an absolute expert on manipulating and controlling macros – they have to, because that’s the ONLY way to become shredded!

Oh wow, Chad, so you love this style of eating? You love “macros?”

Not so fast….

Here’s my take. Love me or hate me for it, please start a debate in the comments section, I could use the traffic.   

Me?  I don’t like Macros  And I’ll say it in the exact voice and hand gesture as Sam I Am up there in the picture. I DO NOT LIKE Macros. I would not eat them with a fox, I will not eat them in a box.

My problem?

It’s just so…so Bro.

Recall I’m a cross fitter. I love the whole cornucopia of workouts and experiments and plans that accompanies cross fit.  I like the fast forward evolution. I love the silliness of it all too. The silly socks and crazy patterned shorts and yelling out a scream like I’m at a college football game just to be funny. Most gyms frown on that type of behavior and my gym giggles like the rest of us.

Cross fit has a very distinct “lifestyle.” Much like other high school style “cliques” such as Goth, rockers, and Jocks you can sense a cross fitter from a mile away.   

My point is, cross fitters stole and 100% adopted “macros” from bodybuilders as an eating plan of choice about 5 years ago and well…collectively they got RIPPED. A no brainier..the eating plan of bodybuilders made cross fitters look more like bodybuilders. Yep, science. It works.

But I wanted to puke every time I heard my fellow cross fitter buddies talking about their macros and how the hit their mark and were on point today.  And when I had an off workout or a slight headache immediately asked me, “Where you at?” as in “where are you currently sitting on your macro ratios today?”

I HATED it. OK not hated but just got sick of it.

Macros is an eye rolling, meh, birthday gift of socks type of excitement for me. It’s boring.

But…it works.

But it’s vanilla. It takes a conscientious effort and you have to pay attention.  

IT SHOULD BE MY DREAM LIFESTYLE OF EATING… I constantly harp on this page about paying better attention to yourself, to make yourself better.  Awareness, track it, pay attention, experiment… And Personally, I do. In almost every category in life…Except food.

MY Problem with Macros…I just want someone to do it all for me. Just get it all together and I’ll eat whatever when you tell me to. It just seems so cyborg and disconnected. For me personally, It’s just such a disconnect from food. I want my food to be more than just the components of nutrition. I want more than the macros.

So…as I’ll preach with workouts, lifestyle, clothing, music, life…food included.

Heck, what this entire website is built to personify:

Whatever you’re looking into – It has to work for YOU or it just doesn’t work.

This style of eating takes work and takes a conscious effort, something we, as Americans, typically lack the patience for. It might be YOUR absolute BEST plan and it is well worth the time and effort to play with.

I have played with it. I have the AP and have tracked my calories of each macro and see results.

It should be my dream system, it’s just not. but…Now you know what it’s all about, so you can make an educated decision and hey man, if it fits for you, I’ll be seeing you and those rock chiseled abs at a beach sometime soon!

“More” vs “Some”

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My wife and I were at the end stage of a 4600 mile road trip.  The passengers were us and 4 kids stuffed into a suburban and touring the OLD west. Cowboy gun fights, rock climbing, staying in yurts…you name it, we did it. We crushed this vacation.

We decided a great finale to the trip would be to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for a night.   Great Wolf Lodge is an amazing indoor water park, arcade, magic quest, kid’s paradise -money making machine.

There is so much to do it’s mind boggling and often stressful for all involved just trying to maximize the experience.

You guys know me by this part of the game – I want to maximize. In an effort to do so I think many times I miss the point that maximization is often not equal to more. I think there is a peak point of optimization and then anything beyond that shows diminishing returns.

This idea really seemed to prove itself on this trip… often times I don’t need more to be happy I just need some.

Case in point, The Great Wolf Lodge.

After a few hours of water slides, pizza, Dr. Peppers, running around, and craziness, my oldest asked if he and the other kids could just go up to the room and chill a little.  “Dad, we’ve done it…Another hour of doing it more isn’t going to make me feel better, I just want to relax a little.”

Now I’ve been and will probably always fight being one of these guys…”Whaaaat?  There’s still 2 and a half hours left?”

I could easily see myself talking my kids into staying another hour, squeezing the last drop of joy out of the water slide and taking my cost per slide rate from $15 to $8 giving me a financial “thumbs up” in the process as well.

But it wouldn’t have made anyone happier. It would have been forced and played out. In fact, it would have been conversely unhappier and less fun.

Remember, as a kid, how much fun it was to have a hotel room with no parents in it? Now that’s fun man.

So I let them go.

My wife and I decided to stay down and have a Mojito and watch the end of a World Cup soccer match.  Also fun. We talked. Not having to scream over our kids…OK, we had to scream over 100’s of other people’s kids still water-parking, but you get the point.

The next day I was talking to her about our vacation and expenses and usually family stuff and she said, “I think a lot of why we were so relaxed last night and today was just the 15 minutes we had.  It didn’t need to be a 3 week vacation by ourselves or a long drawn out 4 hour dinner…it was nice to just have a drink and watch a game with you. Sometimes a few minutes is all it takes.”

And as she does with her uncanny ability to summarize she states, “You don’t need more,  you just need some.”

The exact same idea and application as my son.  Some beats more.

Since, I have looked for this and saw a lot of application all over my life.  Look for this in your life – I’ll bet it’s the same amount of joy and pleasure (or more) …with some.

I once heard of the 3 X rule – a similar principal.  It’s used mostly for dietary things but seems to have a lot of spillover for mentality and mindfulness.

The 3 X rule is practical with pizza and beer as my primary analogy.

With Pizza and Beer, the first one is great. It hits the spot oh so perfectly. The second one is OK and, by the time you get to the third, it’s just so-so.  Any more just gets miserable and is often filled with regret later.

Guys, I could literally come up with a million scenarios to back this point, but why do more?

Reactive Foods and the tie to CHRONIC INFLAMMATION

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Hold onto your menu everybody and start to look closer. A new type of diet is in town and it’s all the rage. You are about to hear about it at barbecues, at the gym, and your doctor’s office andy will see it nonstop in every magazines you subscribe to.

The hot new buzzword for health and longevity with nutrition is elimination diets. Sometimes referred to as “Reactive Foods” 

The above was my headline for a lecture I presented back in 2014.  

Fast forward today – this idea is NO longer revolutionary, no longer cutting edge and no longer controversial.

Hopefully you’ve heard of it and have either tried to play with it or wanting to learn more. If not, well…that’s exactly why I write this stuff.

OK, so what are these, what does it mean and how does this affect you? Do you need it?

Short answer – Yes, It is something you should be familiar with. There will be success in eliminating bad stuff out of your diet and out of your body immediately – in all aspects of your life. You will lose weight, feel better, lift more, run faster, have better sex, think more clearly – life as you know it -will be better. 

But the people who really NEED this – like desperately HAVE to figure this crap out, those are the people with real deal medical conditions. Fatigue, rashes, joint pain, fibromyalgia, sleep pattern issues and seriously, damn near everything. If you have anything “weird” going on – chances are the diet is a HUGE part of the issue.

This idea has and will continue to change the medical treatment for people with long-term inflammatory issues and the implementation of this is WAY BIGGER than what you think.

My own brother had a lot of success treating his rheumatoid issues that took him from a “peak of life high school wrestling coach” to some days needing a cane just to get around. 

So what are we talking about here? 

Many of these plans, and there are thousands of them out right now, focus on a new way of looking at health by “eliminating” foods that your body treats basically like an allergen. Now look, allergy and reactive foods are not the exact same thing. However, the line that the common media and subsequently a lot of doctors use to differentiate these two terms is blurring. The terms are thrown around sort of interchangeably and really, the treatment – which is simply  the elimination of these from your system, is the same – so get the gist here… You eat X and your body reacts poorly.

It sounds a lot like an allergen right? Well it’s not exactly – an epi pen wont be needed nor will it even help. The proper term is reactive food and it is a bit different than a common allergic reaction such as a bee sting or cedar oils. But…It is a really easy concept if you think of it similarly.

Typical food reactions will show increased water retention, so a short term weight gain. The extra water is part of the response to try and process the food through your guts. You’ll also notice, if you’re paying attention, an instant histamine reaction. (stuffy nose, light congestion).

Sometimes it is the amount and frequency of the foods. For instance steak might be fine for a person, but have it two days in a row and you get the reaction. Sound crazy? Actually it’s fairly common. Your body just doesn’t like a certain product at certain levels and it bugs out. Probably, at some level, you’ve already been flirting with some version of a reactive food plan already. It’s not obscure anymore and the whole Gluten Free thing has got HUGE – Your supermarket has an entire row dedicated to it!

I have shared ideas on Lectins, Keto, intermittent fasting on this site even – and the article reads about the same . Dr. Gundry and his Lectins diet and book, takes this whole thing deeper – from reactive foods, to the actual cause – so if you want more info – click on all the links I’ve posted above –

I wrote this article to basically water it down a bit, make the pieces easier to digest and understand.

Small proteins traveling through the gut wall due to cell wall barriers working incorrectly or being hijacked is tough. Reactive food? That’s easy…

Grog eat X. Grog feel Bad. Grog no eat X.

I’m sure you or a friend has heard of grains, especially gluten causing problems? Lactose Intolerant? Dairy, sugars, Paleo, RAW, Vegan – all of these, minus a few basic ethical food choices are types of elimination plans. These plans aren’t new, just newly packaged and marketed. And lately, researched and advanced.

And I will tell you, they aren’t bunk. This idea of reactive foods is quite real and backed by real science. I have tried a 20-30 day trial myself and learned a ton about my body. I have taken a new style reactive foods blood test. I constantly test and experiment. I make better decisions  because of the knowledge I have about what reacts with my body and in what volume and have become fairly acute in understanding when something that has been ok for me for a long time, or even a “healthy food” is now a reactive food – and obviously, not healthy for me anymore.

How do I know when I’m reactive? Clues…such as a 3-4 lb weight gain the next day, a feeling of bloatiness, soft(er) abs {I’m not a six pack guy on normal days by any stretch} and usually within fifteen minutes of eating something I’m reactive to- just a little more snappy and jumpy than normal – Stuff my kids do that usually makes me chuckle now makes me agitated. Give me 7 Pringles and have my kids get all the pets out and play…It’ll drive me nuts! And this is after just a small amount – can you imagine 3-4 potato chips causing a 3-4 lb weight gain? I couldn’t – but it does!

A single granola bar or bowl of oatmeal, yep…for me it does – Potatoes and oatmeal were my first Reactive foods! The removal of these from my diet basically jump started my entire “re-look” into what I was taught in school and what most of us in the health field regurgitate about Nutrition but is basically 20-50 year old science that is wrong. I sat and ate lunch with my 5th grader today – it was very eye opening to see what these kids think about Nutrition by 5th grade. – much of it is terrible advice and poor science. More old wives tales than solid  nutritional foundations at this point in time. It’s turned into bad and good. Only – either/or. Food isn’t a pass/fail test. It is a relationship with lots of moving parts.

Back to potatoes and oats – “whoa Chad – does this mean oats and potatoes are out?” well no, not really. Potatoes and oats aren’t bad foods, (well maybe oats (see Lectins) -heck sweet  potatoes and oatmeal are supposed Superfoods right?…but not for me. For you? Who knows…you have to test it to find out.

As I’ve stated, reactive foods are not allegies. Many times, reactive foods are reversible, not a true allergy, just something that’s not wanted in your system at this time… weird yes, but I make better choices for me because of this info.

The problem with the way foods react is inflammation. Yes! The biggest HEADLINE word for health in the last 2 years and sure to be the main issue treated worldwide over the next 2 decades. Look, it’s not that a little inflammation will kill you, but with food, and especially without knowing what is causing it, is chronic inflammation (the next biggest buzz word in medicine.)

Your body, in basic terms, just doesn’t function while it’s fighting inflammation. Nothing works like it should – not energy creation, fat removal, cancer fighting cells, muscle growth, healing capabilities, hormones, sleep pattern, pain regulation…NOTHING! You have to get rid of inflammation to let the body heal correctly. This is why real diseases like rheumatoid, psoriasis, cholesterol problems, diabetes and Cancer are all jumping on the inflammation bandwagon for treatment options.

AND THIS IS WHY there is a million new drugs, ads, diets and trainers focusing on it. Because it’s worth Million$$.

Like I stated earlier, I like the idea, I like the plans but ladies and gentlemen, if I come off preachy sometimes, I’m sorry but I’ll say it again, “USE YOUR HEADS!!!”

Do you have to give up all wheat, all potatoes, oatmeal? – NO! “Wait Dr. Peters, did you say Dairy was BAD?, NO wait, Just ALL GRAINS?” NO NO NO! Please don’t throw a hand grenade at a problem that needs a hammer and nail.

Again, as I’ve said over and over in the healthfield, it’s not the idea that’s wrong, it’s the practical application (ex: removing all grains when it’s a gluten or rice meal. Or all dairy and all meat, when it may be just one form or too much at once.)

You need to take the time and figure out what works for you and you only. Quit jumping on the fads and use the information to make a better decision. If a gluten free, Paleo diet that a caveman would be proud of and it works for you, fine, but c’mon, BJ’s Pizza tastes really good! sometimes I can handle a pizza and beer sometimes because I’m not fighting a disease state. If you ARE in fact treating Cancer, diabetes, colitis or anything like this then DUDE, the pizza isn’t worth it right now. Fix your body. Help your body fix itself!

This chronic inflammation and elim diets deal is going to just get bigger and bigger. It has already – its already better than when I wrote this article the first time 4 years ago. Look at my site. We have evolved! Play with what works for you and believe me you can. I started this morning differently than I do nearly every other morning and felt like crap all day long. Its real, and by paying attention to just how junky you feel after eating junk you’re on your first part of the journey. We’re all built differently, so what works for you won’t work for me. You can make your body healthier, feel better and find those hidden abs with the right approach and decision making while still enjoying some of the great foods and drinks that work with your system.

The article is pretty much over but I have a couple tools I like to help with this idea.

The book the Plan was a revolution and the one that started me on the journey of reactive foods but its tough – it takes 30 days plus and has a lot of prep. This is the future and now…

The company Everlywell has an incredible blood test that is about $200 you can do at home – I sell these in my clinic and you can get them on Amazon. It changed my world! This is so much easier than a 30 day test!

There is a company called 1 Step – where you fill out a food journal and the company has a dude that looks over all your stuff and systematically removes just 1 food at a time that is a likely candidate of crap your eating. Genius, for those a little less motivated and stubborn – but even without the website – the idea itself is powerful – remove just 1 thing at a time that’s crushing your day. Do it for a month – now find another.

Running Hacks

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Running is hard.

Nobody ever said it was easy. It can be addictive and Fun and is obviously incredibly challenging and enjoyable. It’s popular.

Millions more people are running Half marathons, 10 & 5K’s since even a decade ago and that is millions more than in 2000.  

Running is HUGE and I think, at this point in our lives,  most everyone can agree it is good for us.

We’re Humans. We are built to run, climb and lift heavy things.

But like everything I do in life I want to know…”Is there a better and perhaps easier way?”

At one time I was a 240 lb Linebacker. In my era, college football players didn’t run much.  We had our 40’s (that’s 40 yards!) and occasionally a full length field, but we did NOT run.  In my mid 30’s I decided to change my life and my fitness world. I knew a BIG part of overall fitness is the ability to run so I made it my quest. Over the years I feel like I’ve got pretty good at running.

It’s certainly not something that makes me anxious anymore. It’s simple, dude! It’s just a run!

I’m not really training for anything specific but more want to have it in my bag of tricks. My desire was to be able to run at the drop of a hat. For instance if you said, “Hey Chad, i have an extra ticket to a tough mudder and it’s a ten miler.” I wouldn’t have to think about it. I could do it.

I could run 3 -5 miles if my life depended on it (Are You Healthy Enough To Survive?) and even if I felt the whim over a lunch break.

I could run a leg of Beach to Bay with no formal training.  I’m there already, (typically the announcer at the beginning) so I just go if I feel like it. Running is by no means intimidating to me anymore.

 Where a three mile run used to look like an all afternoon affair that would probably include a sack lunch and be brutal, it’s just not anymore.  

I can get you there.  And honestly, you should be able to do this.

Hence the article – How do I make running easier, better and possibly…fun??!    

First thing to know…It will still be hard. Running is Hard. But so is your job, yet- you do it everyday and go back for more. So is raising kids and yet…that’s a huge part of WHY it is so rewarding.

2nd thing –  My ideas you’ll see and hear in this article  won’t win you the race.

It’s not for the elite and honed in athletes.  It’s for the newbies and people that have struggled and are fearful. It’s for the guys and girls that just “gut it out” and as much as I love strong willpower, It’s for those looking for a better way!

This entire site is looking for a better way…In everything.  

And YES, there is a better way to run.

Here’s my list of things to play with and experiment with to make running easier and more efficient:

Galloway Method

Shorter strides with a quicker pace

Glute and Hamstring contractions 


Sprints and up-tempo runs

Galloway Method

The Galloway method is based on Jeff Galloway’s best seller’s and his method of a run-walk combo.

I have played with this for years and it is typically the VERY FIRST THING I RECOMMEND to anyone that wants to improve their running.

In my opinion it is mandatory for people that hate running. When I take people for a run I do this 100% and nearly 100% of the time I hear, “That was the easiest run I’ve ever done.”

That’s right.

I can go deep into all the physiology etc and the burning and sparing of glycogen versus lactates etc but I think for this article, let’s not. Look up his stuff if you want to dive deeper. I’ll just give you my take.

First off it’s a run/walk meaning you run for a set amount of time and walk for a set amount of time.

One of the marathoners in my clinic that has done all 50 states and over 110 marathons stated he thinks MORE THAN 50% of marathoners use Galloway method for their RACES!

It works.

Here’s how I would have you start.

Run for 2:30  comfortable pace, your pace. Not trying to move faster or anything, just your pace.

At the 2:30 mark walk for 30 seconds. That’s right. Walk. No need to try and walk super fast or crazy, just walk. recover.

Repeat. For however long you want to go.

We’ve just turned running into sets and reps. If you are like me – that already makes a run easier.

Here’s how you adjust as you get better.

Once 2:30 becomes easy, repetitively easy -add to the run interval. Try 2:45 – still with a 30 walk. And I’m big into the 30 second walk. That’s the ideal amount of rest.  

Here’s how you pick your run time. As you progress and complete a few runs and the pace was good, increase it ten seconds and try it out. I still like the 30 sec rest.

You should never look down at your watch to see how much time is left because you’re tired. My personal example is this:

I am at about a 3:30 run/:30 rest. I constantly try to get that run up to 4 minutes but I find I am dying on the last 20 sec. I look down at my watch thinking, “OHHH LORD! How much more!?”

That’s your clue – the run is too long – your run pace should consistently be about 5-10 sec less than what you could run.  It always stays comfortable!

Be aware that the most common marathoner’s time ratio is a 4/1 meaning 4 minute run with a 1 minute walk but I think the walk is too long and there are a factor or two physiologically that make me prefer a 30 sec rest.

But, this is about you. You do you, I’m just here to drop the science.

If you just absolutely are getting your butt kicked halfway through, take the rest to a minute for one interval and then hop back on board – no biggie.

Galloway has many benefits: like rest for one. But if that’s not doing it for you try out: sparing muscles, increased fat loss, psychological (effort perception), and pace maintenance.

Meaning -You won’t get consistently slower as you go along. Typically for new to moderate runners you might start out at a 8 min pace. By mile 3 it’s a 9 minute pace. By the end of a 10K it’s maybe an 11 or 12 min pace. With Galloway, there is a lot of muscle sparing and You’ll almost always maintain the same pace race long. If not, your run interval it too long. Modify this.

Shorter Strides with a quicker pace.

For you guys that have been in a race before – especially a ½ or a full marathon. You know those guys that just look goofy when they run? I call them the jumping bunnies. These hyper-energetic bouncy weird people that just seem to hop around the race course with their quick short little strides. Yeah those guys…I’m one of them now.

That came from a protocol called POSE running technique and it is a HUGE energy saver by utilizing the energy your muscles produce coupled with elastic recoil. Like a rubber band and piston ½ the work is done with no additional energy.   

You’ll feel super lame. SUPER Lame.

But lets look at some evidence here. The jumping bunnies are constantly the ones that spring their way through the finish line with a smile and bounce on over to their friends for a chat, yapping a mile a minute and then bounce on over to the beer keg for a quick one to celebrate another fantastic life affirming run they just had. Yeah! Life!   

Meanwhile, the Sloggers, the guys with the big long strides – the putting every freaking ounce of effort into this technique of pain – basically start/stop/start/stop the entire race are dying and look like extras from the walking dead series as they cross the finish line. Gas break gas break 

The perfect POSE tempo is 180 strides per minute! Crazy fast! Your fast tempo music is most likely at 128 bpm – which is WAY slower and you’ll match that to your stride.  Now a 180 tempo for me is just too fast, I’m not there but I do mimic the bunnies as much as I can and it has helped my running so much. Plus it only feels strange – it actually doesn’t look that strange if you just get that smile off your face that shows you know a secret others don’t.

Glute and hamstring contractions.

Not stretches. Really.

I’ve only spouted on about this for close to 20 articles on this website – suggesting the same thing over and over for a number of conditions. Look, a warm up is not what it was when we were in grade school PE. You are heading out asking your muscles to contract over and over again for miles. Why would I start by taking them the wrong way. You’ll feel like a nerd, I don’t care. Contract those Glutes and Hammies prior to a run and see what happens.. You’ll run faster I’m sure.


Look dude, You cant just go out and run as a amateur every single day and just expect to get better. Your body needs to recover and adapt and beating it too hell every day doesn’t do this. There is a level of what is good and detrimental in any sports conditioning. Football training is nothing like it was in my day and especially in my dad’s era. Recovery, rest, cross training are brought up every single seminar and book because it is real. You will only get better through adaptation. Allow recovery for this! My suggestion – and this has leeway depending on what your race distance is – forming a base is only 3-4 runs per week, and I lean towards three.   With one of them being a speed run (see below).   

So yes – to get ready for even marathon’s I might suggest only 2 REAL distance runs per week. The rest of the time is for growth! This goes counter to most programs out there but most programs out there are written by famous /elite runners, they like to use their techniques. This isn’t the article for those guys. I’m not a famous runner. I’m just a guy that wanted to get slightly better than average by utilizing a smarter system. I don’t win races. I finish slightly better than average with a smile on my face and can go for a run at the drop of a dime. I don’t fear runs.   

Repetitive long slow distance (LSD)  is great for injuries, that’s it – I know there are still tons of marathon systems that emphasize lots of LSD but there are testing your will power and pain adaptation and most end up in my clinic missing weeks of training and sabotaging their efforts. Train smarter not Harder! ‘

Especially when your goal isn’t to win but to finish.  Or to look better naked. Or to get slightly above average. The game changes and my coaching changes if you’re looking to qualify for Boston or MAKE THE OLYMPICS – for most of us – it isn’t.

Don’t like a day off?  great , me either – hit the gym.  Get some muscle on that machine. You wouldn’t put a Ferrari engine on a VW chassis would you? A run pace of under 6 min/mile with no muscle and no strength training is another recipe for guys that want to end up being a chiropractic client of mine..they’ll get hurt.

More muscle equals better running.   

Speed day

What’s the golden egg in all of this?  The one tip that will change it all? Well I’m split – I think the muscle is a huge missing factor for a lot of runners but if not that it certainly has a lot to do with speed day.

Have a sprints day or an uptempo day to not only prep your body for a faster tempo but shock the system and up regulate your hormones. This is so important and so good for your body and brain and system. Hormones are the secret. Use them for shortcuts and lifelong health.

8 x 200 is my favorite speed day – sort up.  8 x 200 sucks. It doesn’t look like much on paper or over the airwaves but this is a bad ass workout. It ramps up your entire system with much less stress on your body than a five miler. But given the choice of what I’d pick for perceived effort level I’d take the 5 any day. 8 x 200, 4 x 600, 1 mile repeats at a 30 sec faster per mile tempo are MAN MAKERS! And a fantastic way to see results quickly.

You’ll naturally change your turnover and pace and keep it fresh at the same time as well as dumping all kinds of beneficial hormones into your body – you need ‘em!

So this is what you do Chad?

Yeah, all the above. I do. During the super hot summers here I actually run much less.  I save running for the better weather but yeah, I do these.

If you want to dig deeper check out the master of this stuff – Brian MacKenzie and  TJ MURPHY and the book The Unbreakable Runner – I have a review link right here conveniently enough – he’ll tell you the same stuff I do but in a more clinical setting with all kinds of premade protocols to follow etc. he’s the best in the game – 

That’s it – you can get good at this, I want you to get good with less pain, less injury and more fun, that’s what life is like over here – Drchadpeters

See you on the road guys.

Therapy Vs Therapeutic…And Why You’re Screwed.

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  • There is a difference between what feels good and what works.

Deciding you don’t care… you just want what feels good isn’t helping you.

Please allow yourself to be a fly on the wall for a repetitive daily conversation in my clinic.

Me: “OK Ms. Jones, after your exam and evaluation, I feel confident this is what you have and I feel comfortable that is the correct diagnosis. And here is what you can do at home to take care of this issue. Kind of an “at home rehab idea” that will speed your issue and speedily FIX it.

Patient:  “But I don’t like to do that. I do this instead, ____” …example: use a hot shower, massage, hot tub, stretch, etc)

Me: “Yes, I understand that feels good but that approach is incorrect, in this case, it’s actually bad for you and is a big part of why you are not getting better.  It’s sabotaging your recovery…Here is what you should do instead.”

Patient:   “But it just feels good.”

Me: “agh”, pull my hair out (old days, I now have no hair!)

Every. Single. Day. Forever.

Hopefully this will clear things up quickly. 2 words, similar in nature but different in application.

Therapy = treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder

Therapeutic (or soothing) = feels good

These ideas and terms are similar and at times overlap but they are not the same thing and odds are SEVERELY against your understanding the difference and how to apply it.

This is because we all tend to just follow our ‘chocolate lab brains’. Our chocolate lab brains are non stop pleasure seeking and affirmation based.  You cant tell a lab anything.   It knows what it wants.

Feels good triumphs over better advice.

It is your fault but I won’t blame you – because I know why. Because it really does feel sooo good.

The problem is that you’ll never get better – you are working against your ability to get better.   What I spend 30 minutes to an hour fixing, you spend 10-12 hours undoing.

Therapy vs. Comforting vs. soothing vs it feels good is an easy concept to understand but hard to implement. Let me give you a few examples I see in my clinic daily. Over and over and over.

– Heck guys,

This whole concept of you doing what feels good vs. what is appropriate treatment is the reason I started the whole damn website.

I do this lecture 5-10x a day – one person at a time. The hope is that an online following will help me reach more people, a shotgun type approach to health.


Ice vs. Heat – I’ve absolutely chiropractic napalmed this topic to death – you’ll see this come up on a million times..I won’t make you read it again. If you are inflamed… don’t use heat – that’s the opposite of anti-inflammatory – that called pro-inflammatory.

“But how can I tell if I’m inflamed?”   There are some tricks to the trade I can do clinically but an easy way is to just ask yourself – does ibuprofen (Advil) or Naproxen (Aleve) help take the edge off? Yes?   Those are anti-inflammatories.  It says so on the box – there’s no pain relieving drugs in there, just anti-inflammatory. So don’t pro – inflammatory treat it.

“But it just feels so good to take a hot shower.” I know. I know. But 15 minutes later it hurts again…yeah – it certainly does feel good.

Sorry, I told you I wouldn’t rant but it’s seriously our most discussed and played out things and one of the only few true negatives I have at work. I HATE this lecture and I do it clinically  100x a week!

Stretching  – as in “I don’t stretch enough” or “I stretch all the time, I have an hour routine I’ve been doing for three years now”

(see the 4 Reasons Why You Have Tight Muscles and What To Do About It on this site with a Batman picture included)

There are many reasons for tight muscles – Step into the future and get away from the old adage of you need to stretch more.   You sound like my PE teacher in the 90’s.  Get with the modern take on “tightness”

Oh what’s that? But it feels good? Great. 

Stop reading this immediately and start it again next year when you’re still messed up.

The answer is – know what you have first …

here’s a clue…For the most part – the entire back side of your body is over stretched and overlong already.   It’s over elongated  because we all sit too long.  (and.. Just stretching a tight muscle is lame and most likely is slowing down your recovery. Contracting the Posterior Chain (aka “UnWinding” the Seated Position)

Rest for an injury –

An acute issue probably needs a little rest – emphasis on LITTLE.

“I sprained my ankle 4 mo. ago and rested it (the entire time) and yesterday on my first run it came right back.  You think I should rest it more?”

Guess what? You didn’t rest – you just did nothing. Dude! We’re talking like atrophy, weakness-induced-level time off. You forgot to do something and anything. You were not pro-active. Rest by itself is by no means therapy. Ever.

Massage –

I love massage – I have three awesome LMT’s in my clinic. But, it is not for every issue – every time. If you have difficulty getting out of bed each morning because your back is killing you and if you sneeze,cough or fart you’d collapse in pain – then why on Earth would you figure lying face down for an hour would HELP?!  You won’t be able to get up off the table!

advice I’ve given already…you need to know what you have.

Second example – you want to use massage as a therapy – as in a FIX for a condition. “Oh man, I hold all my stress right here!” (imagine my mom pointing to her shoulders)

But you’ve been getting massages every week for the last two years. Guess what? It’s not working. If it was what you needed, it would have fixed you by now.

“But doc, it feels so good”

On this example I’ll throw you a bone here…If you are getting a massage for the sole reason that it feels good, personally I’m OK with that. It’s your money – use it however you want to. It does feel good and hands-on therapy has some seriously great side effects emotionally and mentally. BUT – you can’t complain when it doesn’t work as a therapy. As a fix. I don’t want to hear, “Oh I tried massage for about 2 years, it never worked for me.”

Give your poor Therapist a chance – don’t ask a massage therapist for miracles….”But my tight muscles, what about them?” Read 4 Reasons Why You Have Tight Muscles and What To Do About It one more time please.  you didn’t “get it” the first time.

My last example is the guys that are the polar opposite – the “no pain- no gain” crowd. Basically, most of my friends:   cross fitters, wrestlers, marathoners, power lifters …the type A crowd. 

The guys and girls that think if it doesn’t hurt like crazy it’s not doing anything. These guys will take a foam roller idea and in 3 weeks be using a metal weight bar to really get in and crush the muscles. “DUDE IT HURTS LIKE HELL TO CRUSH MY MUSCLES AND ROLL MY SHOULDERS OUT WITH A SHOT PUT, BUT IT’S LIKE A GOOD HURT ….BRO!”


I don’t even want to get into this right now. If you are serious about fixing an issue, and want to go it alone, I’m cool with that – get to know your body.

My advice would be to try your therapy of choice out for 4 sessions. 4 trys.

If you haven’t got serious results in 4 sessions, my bet is that you are doing something wrong – try a different approach.

Learn. Get smarter with your health. Maybe you’ve heard the quote, “First, Don’t fool yourself and…You’re the easiest person to fool.”

Quit fooling yourself – Quit lying to yourself with lame justification of “feels good” and FIX your body.

You Have A Choice

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In this hand, I have the fix for your problems. A TOTAL fix!

You will live better, feel amazing and life as you know it will improve beyond comprehension.  Your struggles, your weight gain, your illnesses will vanish and life as you now know it will cease to exist. You CAN truly make a change!

In the other hand, I have a blue pill. It’s a placebo. You’ll wake up tomorrow and everything will be exactly like it is right now.

I’ve written about the enormity of ‘the system” and the problems that are dangerous rip currents in healthcare. (“Why are doctors so…)

You don’t have to read that article – it’s actually more of a rant than anything educational anyway – The gist is just to “be better” in society as a whole. Each of us but especially all of us in healthcare need to be better and hold ourselves to a higher standard.  It’s Just good advice for anyone, anytime.

But often…OK more often than not, in my particular brand of healthcare, ie “feeling better, therapy type treatments, rehab and performance enhancement” –

 It is the patient that is the problem, not the system!

Yeah, you don’t want to hear this

If you are indeed the patient, it is indeed a tough pill – but too bad, it is Captain Obvious time.

During such a disregard for any act of effort I feel a ‘call out’ is in need.  Maybe this helps you become a better patient and in part helps the relationship you have with your doctor so when you pay this hard-earned money to someone like me you get what you really want.

As is my norm..

I’ll preface this article with a story or two – entertaining while enlightening, I’m trying to get you to laugh.

A found laugh is like finding a dollar bill on the curb – Nothing that will change your life but still feels like you’re one up on the rest of the world.  Let’s see what I can do.

Today I had a client who wanted worked on after a massage.  Routine chiro stuff and typically its easy peesy, this workup’s cheesy.

Today however the client looked me in the eyes and said, “Hey doc – I know all this feels good, but I want a fix.”

Seriously?! You do? YES!!!

I love to fix things and although I’m happy to let you spend your money however you see fit, I want to FIX you girl! I was pumped. And dammit…I had the fix all lined up.

This was a rather common issue – she has had constant upper back tightness along her shoulders -she feels all her stress “here” (grab her shoulders and neck move) and although chiro, PT and massage all seem to help, she just feels like it all comes back 2 days later.   Sound familiar?  I hear this daily. Repeat  Daily – probably sounds like you huh?  Yeah its aggravating, but far from unique.

Remember that video I posted a month or so ago with the purple ball and the idea of how there are muscles that are movers and muscles that are “stabalizers” and on and on…No? but I made a video guys. I posted it to this page even. Here’s a link for it. Neck Stabilization Video.  

Well exactly. That’s what happens.

I went through it piece by piece – full on tilt awesome therapy delivered to your face. Aaaand nothing.

She loved the little song and dance and nodded appropriately and asked appropriate questions and even had a few insights.. I could tell she “got it.”  Although this rehab is insanely low brow, low tech AND cheap  – it is incredibly effective.  Cameron, my therapist commented -, “it’s a life changing tool that nobody wants.”

Yep it is – despite being a semi flat ball and hokey and cheap it is an incredible new look into the human body and functional kinesiology rehab work. Minds should be blown!   But.  Alas, they are not. It’s like the gong show every time I get all worked up. BONG!!!! Exit, stage Left.

Don’t laugh – that video has been viewed all of 8 times since being posted with zero likes and only one comment. Even my mom didn’t “thumbs up”

Over lunch I discussed this with my staff and they concluded its just a lack of effort.   Yeah, that’s an easy answer -lack of effort.   But you see the work required for this particular life altering, headache reducing, sleep affecting rehab tool is 30 seconds of leaning on a damn ball. Leaning….It CANT be lack of effort as it is next to zero effort!

So, after my 10 minute soapbox rant, I asked her…“Or you could just have me pop your neck?”

“Yeah, that’s all I want.”

“But..But that’s not the fix, that’s just a pop – you’ll feel like crap again 2 days later”

“Yeah, well..OK – it feels pretty good – you want me face up or face down?

OK so what is this? What do I call this phenomenon?

Instant gratification? Close. Wanting a pill for a problem? Yes close. It’s a real world problem that affects many aspects of our life and we are ALL guilty of it.

I see this idea reflected in nearly ALL aspects of human behavior.

In the health fields, nutrition diet fields and with personal training field we, in the industry, often say, “people just want a pill.”

Look, we all know the dangers of antibiotics overuse at this point in the game.They don’t help viruses guys, different bug – you’re just basically killing all your good gut bacteria for no reason, which affects your ability to get well and counteracts, actually increasing your chances to just get sick again greatly – but hell, we still want it – AND, strangely we feel better when we do have a pill to pop. But let’s get real, its not helping us – we just feel like we have a fix – when in fact we don’t.

I want to change this. But I’m not sure I have the ammo for this battle.

Anyway, my take on this article is to just become aware. Wake up and seek out the actual fix not the bandaid here. Increase awareness, look for clues (It’s called a CLUE.) and dammit, care about yourself enough to want to experiment!

I write on the diet stuff often. Right?  It works. But not many try it – many claim to – remember Adkin’s diet? A million people lost a crazy amount of weight on it but if you ask people now they’ll say it was a failure – no one even read his stuff, they just cut out bread and cookies and ate crap – not at all Dr. Adkins idea. And I see this same response happening for the new trends (new and improved by the way)

Keto? Yeah mention that in public – you’ll be loved or hated and 12 different people do it differently. I mean guys, there are dudes out there preaching they have CURES! For diabetes, cancers, PAIN! And no one even looks up a correct application. What I’m saying is I need an effort here people – you need to experiment with your body.  You have to try new things! We’re humans! Our DNA is the same as everything on planet EARTH – the difference is we are incredibly adaptive and implementive. We thrive because we can make changes more rapid than the other species. Yet –  we have lost the ability to figure out what even makes us feel good. This isn’t the article telling you to try Keto by the way – it’s the article telling you to try something.  For Yourself.

Many of my patients just don’t have the energy/willpower/effort to just try something, even with the problems that cause them the most discomfort, time wasted and money.

I have one more amazing story on this. I’m going to relate it to you because it blew my mind last week.  I’ve never seen it up close and personal like this before and although it’s maybe a common psychology deal – it affects our health and entire being. I’m still shaking my head in awe.  Wow!

I had another patient, the same morning as the decade of neck pain girl from above. Let’s call him Gary, as really, I just don’t think there are many Gary’s in any of my tales.

So Gary has been coming to me for years. He always tells me he’s “getting ready.”   Getting ready to start working out. Getting ready to start eating better. Getting ready to just get his life back. Annnnd, he just moved back in with his mom for the 8th time this decade. He’ll start soon enough he just needs to get it all squared away and I guess he’s waiting for the planets to align and an eclipse to tell him the universe is FINALLY READY for him to just take that first step.

As I was working on him, he mentioned an accident he had that was the cause of all his misery. He had a major issue that I’m sure was both painful and traumatic and was the onset of all his sloth.

Casually I asked him when that was. “oh, at 7 years old he answered.” Seven?

Wait. You’re a grown ass man!  I thought, not said.

He continued…”I think the layer upon layer of scar tissue and bone destruction from the accident is the reason for a lot of this low grade pain and hesitation I always feel.

As I work on him with my hands, I just started kind of moving him around…”you know, Gary, I don’t feel ANY scar tissue or problems here man. I’ve been working on you for years, you’re good.  Seriously, you’re fine, you just need to go already. Start that workout, Start that diet you’ve been thinking about, read that book you’ve been telling me about. Dude, You’re perfect.  In fact  -There’s not even really a single cell left in your body from back in the days of that accident. Your body has remade itself a thousand times over – it’s not your body keeping you from any of this stuff – you’re good to go. As a professional in healthcare AND physical Fitness I am TELLING YOU, NOW! Is the time – You’ve got this, you can remake yourself into the image you see in your mind’s eye!

I got all fired up, basically, I became a tornado of motivation and positive quips and Ansel Adams pictures of inspirational quotes, Icebergs with giant mountain sunder the sea out of view and mountain climbers at a peak rah rah feel good, Pinterist, Artsy, Etsy motivational confetti throwing high school coach fire up incredibleness. My GOD! This is what I got into healthcare for everybody!  To Fix people to give them back their lives and Win the day!

As I disengaged my brother like grasp and  removed my arm from off his shoulders I looked deep into his eyes after wiping the sweat from my brow and saw…


I saw nothing.

He wasn’t there.

Totally disconnected and offline. Like a robot that has lost his charge.


And then I saw it – a whirring in the back of his mind, his eyes more like windows at this point. A spark and a reboot.   Like restarting a computer –  he just came back online.

“OK”, he stated, “I’ll see you next time.”

He never even heard me – He honestly just went 100% offline, his brain not even registering any of the positivity I was spewing, 100% ZERO.

I mean what is that? He physically and mentally just couldn’t digest the wares I was peddling. It didn’t fit into his life plan.

It was Keanu Reeves in the Matrix amazing to me. To be there and witness it firsthand. That’s real y’all. A human reboot!

Later that weekend I was talking to my wife about this.

Her gift in this world is the ability to summarize. If she ran this website, each article would be 47 seconds long and Buddhism simple.

She put it as an analogy –

See its like this. When you Chad take your pickup into the mechanic and have them look at it, you give the mechanic your perceived basic symptoms.   “Hey Joe, my truck seems to be running weird and I’m having a hard time slowing down for stop signs and red lights and hobos.”

Joe the mechanic starts to exam and diagnose and then, like you, explain the changes that need to be made on the truck, and the brakes and tires and racks and pinions I just nod off and say, “yeah just do whatever it takes to get this fixed.”

I don’t understand mechanics much and although I love to occasionally try, it seems like voodoo and science fiction. It’s just foreign.

I just glaze over and don’t care about what Joe is yammering on about over there – I have articles to write on his back and diet and exercise routine and can’t wait to tell him how much I know if he would only shut up for a minute about my truck.

You see the irony on this yes? It is similar no doubt. So now I’m a hypocrite and a moron for spouting my faith at you but not listening to your reply.

Maybe a bit


Now, after witnessing the life changing neck pain girl not caring and the mental reboot from Gary over there, I think I will be a better human for it. If nothing else, I can learn from expert’s advice and just…I don’t know…try harder?

I guess the worst case scenario is that I will know I have surrounded myself with people that care.  And if they are going to make the effort to care, I suppose, I owe it to the universe to care a little myself.

Be aware. Instant gratification, the pop a pill mentality is out there in all aspects of life and most likely rarely works. I know when dealing with changing the body – like cellular level reconstruction of your body, your fat %’s, your gut bacteria, your sore shoulder and hip, and muscle development – it just takes time. And effort. It’s a road and guys, it all works – all workouts, all diets, all treatments…it’s just that some work better. More efficiency and fun and enjoyment is what I’m after here.

Find out what you need changed in your life. Right now. Write down the top three things that would impact your life right now and spend just a few minutes each day improving these three things.


  • My knee is sore
  • I want to play with no sugars for a week
  • I want to see my kids hoop it up

Now work on these three things. When one of them is no longer one of the big three add a new one to the list.

Plan on having a lifetime big 3 list and what you’ll find is that these three things keep becoming smaller and smaller issues.   You’ll whittle it down to minor changes that maybe just take seconds…maybe just take awareness and you will reap the benefits in life.

Realize you are not the person you were 5 years ago. Your cellular structure is remade constantly and you can literally become whomever you want to be. If we took the time frame off of anything…fixing a shoulder, losing 100 pounds, creating kiss butt eating habits so you look amazing walking out of the shower, learning a language and on and on and on – make the effort, give it time and you can change anything!

Be aware of your blind spots and brain computer reboots and fix this stuff.

OK, this article just took on a life of its own and went all directions, sorry guys – the moral of the story is

Care about yourself and be willing to work a bit. You’ve got this!