How to Hack a Burpee Mile

Agh! Puke! Even the thought of running a mile while interspacing 100 burpees throughout it sounds horrible.

That’s why it’s one of my favorite “Go-To” workouts and a baseline for life. It’s never easy, never fun, and I never look forward to it. But, you’ve got to have this in your wheelhouse if you’re a fit bastard. Let me take an extra step. I think you need to welcome “uncomfortable” to be a better human.

Doing things that aren’t comfortable yet make you better is a part of being human that many find tough and look for ways to avoid.

One of my favorite things about Crossfit is the named baseline workouts you can talk to a buddy about. “What’s your Murph?” means something to the people that have done it.

What’s your burpee mile?

My first point would be to just do it. Do it your way. Don’t read on, just attempt it. You’ll learn a few things.

I’ve tried many styles.

I’ve tried: 100 burpees and then run a mile. I thought I was going to die.

I’ve tried: Run a mile, then 100 burpees. I thought I was going to die.

Then I started tinkering away like I tend to do with everything in life. As it turns out, there is a substantial hack that works better.

It’s still hard. There’s just No, “Going to die feeling.”

Also, this gives you a great chance to play with variables to see what works better. Included in all of that, are a few LIFE LESSONs.

  1. Don’t be stubborn. Your way may work just fine, but a better way is probable.
  2. Harder isn’t better just, you know, because.
  3. Be aware of life. Gauge how you feel, when you feel it. Not on recollection later.
  4. Have the ability to call an audible and modify on the fly.
  5. 5. Hard work earns comfort and relaxation. It feels like an accomplishment. It’s a great stress reliever and even a form of meditation because I can tell you, you will get to a point where you can think of nothing else than one foot in front of the other.

See, life. it’s all around us. Even in our toughest moments.

Ok, On to the hacks.

I have found it significantly faster and less horrible to take “some burpee time” into your life to figure out your magic number. Basically, at what point do you start to feel it.

For Example. I can do 15 rather easy but, but around the 17-20 mark, my pace slows. I found this by trying to get 100 burpees done in ten minutes. 10 per minute. I played with, “what about 12? 17? 20? How about as many as I can do and then just piece together the rest.

I use this info as I hack my Burpee Mile. “If 17 is the number I start to fatigue, what if I just did a set of 12-13 during the challenge.” The idea being, to not crush myself.

I’ve tried 5X20 burpees but the last 2 sets just destroyed me and were significantly hard and slow.

I’ve done 10X10, (a great idea) but realized if I could bump that number to 12-13 I could lose a set or two. Nice!

I also noticed a significant decrease in time, (the goal) with starting out with burpees. Fresh, I can do around 20 no problem and it doesn’t really affect my run much. That’s 20 less around my neighborhood.

True. you may have to gut some out, but that’s fun in the end. The idea is that it’s a quick hard workout that changes your day immediately because of the “meditation/blank out” phase. You can do it anywhere and it’s a barometer for fitness and ever perhaps life.

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