Proteolytic Enzymes for Inflammation and Flare-Ups.

So here I am thinking I’m pretty smart.  I was in the middle of an incredibly outdated sports rehab seminar online and just about to click off when the presenter mentioned “Proteolytic Enzymes” for sports injury inflammation control.  “These work fast and immediately” she continued, “like an Advil or Aleve.   Tumeric and Omega 3’s etc, they work but take time (weeks) to build up in your system. You can use these at the time of pain as an alternative and the results in the lab have been really good.   The results in the field have been even better.” 

That was new stuff to me.   5 years later, I use them in my own family and with athletes across the board.  You can find all sorts of brands online and at health stores.

So far, I have had great results with “Tissue Rejuvenator” by Hammer Nutrition. 

I’m using this in place of NSAID.

In any case, you may feel like it’s worth a try.   So many of my clients are looking for options!

Inflammation article 

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