How to Stabilize the Neck area

Most often, recurring neck pain isn’t from “tight” muscles. The spasm is because these muscles are doing somebody else’s job.

Do you, “Hold all your stress through the shoulders?”

When I hear this as the doctor, I ask, “Does Massage, Chiro, PT only help for a day or two? Then it seems like all the tension comes right back?”

Believe it or not – I’ve heard that before.  I’ve heard that pretty much daily for ohhh, about 14 years or so.

Most likely you have weak stabilizers.   Not tight muscles.

That’s not exactly right – I’d wager you have weak stabilizers CAUSING tight muscles. This why doing the same thing over and over isn’t working. You don’t need more “relax, release and loosen.” You need a different approach.

This small change pays HUGE dividends!

Here is a short video on an extremely underrated rehab tool.

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