(Parts 3-4) New Healthcare Trends You Need to be aware of

  1. Specialists, we’re all specialists.
  2. How We view “How the body Works is Changing”
  3. Diseases are being looked at differently.

Building on the above ideas it is becoming more and more obvious that doctors are getting better at treating disease. Indeed, cancers, intestinal disorders, psychological problems, and my field, sports med treatments are all being seen in a new light.

Treatments are rapidly evolving and changing. We are getting, as a society, much better at treating disease.   The problem is, you have to have an injury, disease, or illness first, in order for us to treat it.

 Most of us that got into doctoring, didn’t get into it for this. 

We all have got better at TREATING problems, but we had dreams and ideas preventing and curing problems. 

In order to prevent anything, you have to stop problems before they happen.    While this may seem like a daunting and impossible task, I think for a lot of the cutting-edge doctors this has become a steadily improving trend.  It comes down to finding out commonalities across fields.   Where are all these issues coming from?

Analogy:    Move better, lift weights, get better cardiovascular development as well as 11 or 12 other “factors of fitness” and you will have less injury in sport, live longer, and be healthier.

Easy to understand.

Cancer and disease doctors are doing this as well. What are the factors that all diseases have in common?  Doctors like Willaim Li ask questions like this as well as, “What if we change those?” Could we prevent Millions from having a disease in the first place?    It’s not a new idea.    Up until two or three hundred years ago, this is how most doctoring was done.    It’s how police work was too.  Prevention.

 Personally, I feel like this prevention idea has been lost over the last few generations. As practitioners, we’ve all become really good at treatment. 

My wife and I created a clinic to make kids run faster and jump higher and keep athletes competing into old age.  Contrastingly, my day-to-day is more about putting fires out and making people feel less pain.    “I hurt my knee.” or “I have pain in my shoulder when throwing.”  Even I am treating more than I am preventing or improving.

These aren’t the same thing.

Well for many diseases, there’s one common factor for nearly everything out there. Fixing this one thing would most likely save our country gazillions of dollars and literally, change the world. It could keep people living a healthier longer life therefore more contributing to society as a whole.   True disease reduction would revolutionize the insurance industry and everything that you know about Healthcare.   

The hard part…

  1. It’s food.   

It’s true.  The Diet is not just the unseen elephant in the room that no one wants to know about or wants to see.

It is THE solution to damn near every problem we have.  

Healthcare, body function, psychology, disease, relaxation, anger, and on and on.

Diet counts.   

Yet nobody wants to talk about diet. Ok, that’s not true. It’s all everybody wants to talk about. It’s every book, every social medial ad, every commercial.  Nobody WANTS TO ACTUALLY DO IT THOUGH. It’s just so confusing..

Analogy:  American News and social media.

Add so much garbled information and personal bias and make it all so unrelenting that people just stop listening.  Eventually, sides will be chosen and confirmational bias rules all decision-making.  Nobody will check facts nor really look for new information, they will just believe what they believe and screw everything else, “I’m tired of hearing about it.”

If you have been around for the last five or six years in American politics you understand the idea of fake news and it is very easy to see as you change from News Channel to News Channel.  With an agenda, you can put a Twist on anything.   Confusing/Conflicting information that people just choose to “pick what fits their ideas.”

Diet isn’t difficult in its Essence. It is difficult because it has been obliterated way past anything that is remotely understandable by most of the population. When to eat, what to eat, processed, protein in a jar, vegan, fasting, and a million more that I have written on.

 But, understand,  regardless of your personal belief system, Diet, and food, in particular, is being looked at in ways it was never even dreamed about before.   Not so much the old ideas, “What do I eliminate to stop obesity?” but more so, “Can certain foods, in fact, prevent disease?   Do certain foods cause disease?”  

 The answer is a resounding, not a debatable; “Yes.”

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