The Plant Paradox – Dr. Steven Gundry (Book Review)

This is perhaps THE best, most comprehensive, detailed, and most profound “food” book I’ve ever read. I actually had to take it slow there was so much thought process going on that I needed to take a break and let the information digest in my brain.

Dr. Gundry’s description and detail were thoroughly researched and informative with analogies I can use in my practice that are so simple, my elementary school-age kids could easily understand them. And do.

This book will make you have to take a severe look at the crap you are putting in your body.

Gundry speaks the way, reasons his points, and explains everything exactly how every one of us would like to have our personal doctor talk to us.   “Just give me the facts…what do I have? How can I fix this? Is it serious? Am I going to die? What will it cost? What’s OK to eat? What should I avoid?  What’s my plan from here forward? and please doc, if you have an extra 4 hours to spare, would you please give me the ‘why’s’ behind all of this?”

Sounds great?  Too good to be true?

So why am I so hesitant and gun shy and why would I call his paradox book an actual paradox?

Because – The answer to all the above is not what you want to hear.

What we tell ourselves we want is often exactly the opposite of what we want to hear.  

We tend to surround ourselves with like-minded teachers, social media followers,  music lovers, and yes, doctors. We love a slightly overweight doctor that loves himself some pizza and beer and agrees with our self-assessments, gives us what we ask for, and lives a Typical American diet and American life. We surround ourselves with exactly that…hell, often, I’m like that.

Dr. Gundry is not…or at least his book is not.   

The Plant Paradox is a tough, jagged, bitter pill to swallow that just rings so true and so real it is in fact both revolutionary and pisses me off at the same time because he dispels nearly every one of my self rationalizations with the true facts.   He attacks my subconscious “known” ideas hiding under the surface and my weak justifications and calls me out.

We eat crap in America.  Loads and Loads of crap. It has been packaged to appeal to us and tricked us into thinking it tastes good. It makes us crave more crap but it is still just straight-up crap.

Even when it’s “good for us food” it still could be crap because we don’t even have the digestive system working the right way to allow us to absorb the good and pass on the bad.   

We are screwed up! Gundry blatantly calls our bluff.

So here’s the good news.

Dr. Gundry can help you fix it.

It’s not even that hard.   

It is just in the face of what we’ve been told, what our doctors and teachers have told us, and what is the standard American diet.     

It’s our wake-up call to true health and although it’s tough to admit it, when you’re ready, he’s there to help.

With the basic idea of “lectins” as invaders into our system and wreaking havoc on…well, just about every process it can get its tentacles on, Dr. Gundry walks you hand in hand on the “why’s”, “how’s” and “what to do nows?” that you’re going to have.

His book made me a better doctor before I even finished it and gave me the ammo and reasoning I needed to make myself better.

He’s one of those great guys I list on my sites that has changed my life without ever having met me. Go into this book with fair warning…It will open your eyes and make you better at explaining health and sickness than any doctor you’ve been to, without ever sitting for hours in the waiting room.

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